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11 Things You Need in Your 1st Apartment


By Annika Tomlin

A first apartment will always carry memories. Making it a home eases the transition of moving into your own place. Here are 11 things you might not realize you’ll need in your first apartment.

11. Doormat

Whether you put one near the front door or just inside, doormats are a must to save time cleaning. Plus, you can personalize doormats with fun catchphrases like “Smell you later” or “Yay! You’re here” and swap them out per season.

10. Step stool

Unless you are 6 feet or taller, chances are you’ll need a step stool. Don’t be the person who climbs on the counter to reach one bowl on the top shelf. A step stool also comes in handy for replacing lightbulbs, air filters and other household necessities.

9. Two sheet sets

Buy more than one sheet set. You’ll be really bummed if you want to go to bed and your sheets are still in the dryer. Purchase different colors or patterns.

8. Two towel sets

Same concept as the above. A towel set should include a body towel, hand towel and wash cloth of the same or coordinating colors. More importantly, having more than one works when you have guests.

7. Iron/steamer

An iron or steamer, well, frankly, makes anyone look nicer — whether you’re getting ready to head to school or a job interview.

6. Tissues

COVID-19, the flu and common colds make tissues essential. College is an emotional roller coaster, so don’t forget about breakups, tough exams or laughing fits.

5. Blackout curtains

Blackout curtains can help with getting those extra few hours of sleep once the sun has risen. Additionally, for students who work at night or have an overnight shift, blackout curtains make sleeping easier.

4. Pyrex set

A Pyrex set is a lifelong investment. Plastic Tupperware is great overall, but glass containers give off a sense of maturity. No more mix-and-match containers or reused butter or whip cream containers as leftover storage. Get a large enough set that can be used for leftovers or for meal prepping.

3. Knife set

A few butter knives and one so-so steak knife will not cut it in an apartment. For the cooks and meal preppers, a new knife set lasts decades if maintained. This would be a nice housewarming gift if someone wants to splurge.

2. Photos/artwork

Décor helps share the renters’ personality. Pictures of family or friends from back home can ease homesickness. Check out Pinterest for inspiration.

1. Streaming device

Whether it be Roku, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV or a plethora of other choices, most young adults use streaming services to watch television and movies. Each streaming device has a simple setup process. Those who have a job can afford a smart television that comes with streaming options. CT


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