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11 Things: 11 things to do at home


By Annika Tomlin

Thanks to social distancing and the end of school, everyone will be stuck at home trying keep busy. Cabin fever doesn’t have to be the diagnosis. Here are 11 things to do from the comfort of home to keep everyone up and going.

#11 Clean

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning and disinfecting the most-used items in the house should be a top priority. If it wasn’t high on your list already, this was certainly a wake-up call. Take at least 15 minutes a day to pick up and cleanup to witness the improvement. Don’t be afraid to pull out the bleach and do a deep clean.


#10 Catch up on reading

Now that school is winding down, we catch up on reading that was set aside for schoolwork. Ask friends for book recommendations to build a new library. Create a book club with your friends.


#9 Reorganize/Redecorate

This goes hand in hand with cleaning. Reorganize your place while you’re putting things away. It’s time to freshen things up and bring new things in. Decorate with summer décor and liven up your living space.


#8 Movie Marathon

Binge watch an older series—by yourself or with a group on Netflix. A marathon doesn’t have to be just a film series; try choosing based on genre. Don’t forget to also venture into the world of TV shows on stream services.


#7 Workout

The inability to workout can put a damper on anyone’s day, if it was part of their everyday routine. Keep going. There are tons of workouts that require little to no equipment at all. Get creative with objects around the house to use as weights—cat little or spare bricks will do the trick. Try it out and see what works for you. Video chat with a friend to push each other through a workout.


#6 Cook/bake

Do not fall into the hole of eating ramen and cereal for every meal. This is the time to hone your cooking skills. Use the pack of noodles as a base and add veggies and a protein to make a full Instagram-worthy meal. If it doesn’t turn out right the first time, try again or check out something else. Make it a bonding experience and have a family member teach you a heritage recipe.


#5 Try a new skill

Now is the time to venture out and learn something new. Try ax throwing, dancing or even something simple like whistling. There are many YouTube videos or other tutorials to help.


#4 Backyard photoshoot

Creativity is only a few steps outside the door. Let’s be honest, posting on social media is all most millennials and Gen Z kids do. Why not try out something cool and creative in the comfort of the backyard? There has to be some new angle to try or new background to create a different feel in the photo. Use the surroundings to help add contrast or depth to a photo. Match the color of a wall or the tree or be the pop of color against the plain background. Don’t forget that photos don’t need to only be shot from eye level. Try shooting up or down.


#3 Contact a friend

Quarantine and social distancing sucks. There are still a lot of ways for people to spend time with friends. Video chat or call them, send a handwritten letter or simply just text. Everyone needs social interaction to keep them from getting cabin fever and losing their cool while being stuck at home.


#2 Self-care day

Every few weeks take a day to reset. Mute the phone and do things that help lighten your mood. Update a resume. Take a bath with a face mask. Try out a new workout. Blast music and dance along. Do all the things that make it easier to manage the everyday stress. Sometimes it’s good to say, “I don’t want to deal with this today.” Take a day to get back to normal and then kill it.


#1 Sleep

Online classes and being at home all day have affected everyone’s sleep schedule. The recommended amount of sleep for people 18 or older is seven hours a night. Most people don’t get that. Take a nap in the middle of the day, if it fits into a busy schedule, or start going to bed a bit earlier than normal. Students need sleep to reset, grow and recharge. Try out a new pillow or melatonin tablets to help sleep more comfortably and longer.



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