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11 Essential Ingredients for Whipping Up a Foolproof Friendsgiving


For college students, sometimes the holidays can get complicated. The proximity of Thanksgiving, finals week and Christmas break leaves many students stuck on campus for Thanksgiving. At first glance, this might seem depressing, but it doesn’t have to be!

If you can’t spend Thanksgiving with family, why not spend it with friends? The term “Friendsgiving” is working its way into American vocabulary and it may be the perfect get-together for you and your campus peers during Thanksgiving weekend. Here are 11 essentials you’ll need to pull off a fantastic Friendsgiving feast.

11. A good location
The first step to planning your first Friendsgiving is finding the right location. Do you want to celebrate outside? In someone’s dorm room or apartment? Find somewhere convenient and close by where you can set up your spread.

10. Decorations
Every holiday celebration needs decorations. Decorate the room or outside venue with lights, streamers, wreaths, candles and anything else festive you can find. Make sure to decorate the table, too — get a nice tablecloth or a cool centerpiece to finish it off.

9. A guest list
The guests are perhaps the most important part of your get-together. You can choose to just invite your friends who aren’t going home for Thanksgiving or you can open your party to anyone who needs companionship on this special day. Lonely students will appreciate the invite.

8. Place settings
Another fun way to make your table merrier is using place settings. Giving everyone their own assigned seat will make your party feel a bit more formal and may make your guests feel extra special.

7. A great holiday playlist
Music is a must. Put together a cool Spotify playlist of all your favorite holiday songs and blast it. Music can set the mood for the whole evening and add more life to your gathering.

6. A lot of food
If you’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving, you need food. For Friendsgiving, the best course of action is to run your party potluck-style. Have your guests “sign up” to bring different dishes, so everyone only needs to bring one or two things, ensuring you aren’t stuck preparing and buying all the food.

5. Drinks
Make sure drinks are covered, too. Most colleges have dry campuses, so steer clear of the alcohol. Apple cider and hot chocolate are great holiday drinks to serve.

 4. Dessert
Again, you may want to split up the dessert responsibilities between your friends, but make sure there are lots of options! Holiday favorites include pumpkin pie, pecan pie and cheesecake.

 3. A variety of games
If you are looking for an activity to do with your friends, try a game. Board games and card games are always a hit and will keep your guests chatting and laughing all night long. If you have enough games, your group shouldn’t get bored anytime soon.

2. Holiday movies
If your gang is slowing down a bit, another great activity is a holiday movie. You can have movies running in the background the whole evening, or end your night on the couch with blankets and a movie or two.

1. A good attitude
As cheesy as it sounds, a good attitude is key when throwing a Friendsgiving party. It’s easy to get upset about not being able to go home for Thanksgiving, so make sure to keep the complaints to a minimum and enjoy the time you have with your friends. Happy Friendsgiving!


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