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11 ASU Clubs


By Annika Tomlin

One of the best ways to meet new people and fully immerse oneself into the university lifestyle is to join a club or organization. ASU has thousands of clubs that range in interests from sports, to singing and even race or religion. There are too many clubs to list, but here are 11 ASU clubs to consider and get a feel of what ASU has to offer. For a complete list of all ASU clubs and organizations, go to bit.ly/2UNlNAW.


Gardens at ASU offers every student the chance to acquire a green thumb by learning the skills to garden and live more sustainable lifestyles. The club’s mission is to empower students with the education, resources and support necessary to successfully apply these skills. The club hosts gardening events throughout the school year for students to get down and dirty and plant a seed.

10. 942 CREW

If you have ever been to an ASU sporting event, you know about the 942 Crew, the Sun Devil Athletics’ official student booster group. They are behind the infamous “Curtain of Distraction” that can be seen at every basketball game to throw off the opposing team’s free throws. The 942 Crew is a passionate group of ASU student sports fans who work to improve the student game experience and raise student attendance at Sun Devil Athletics sporting events.


If you have dreamt about being in the Barden Bellas or The Treblemakers from the movie “Pitch Perfect,” Pitchforks and Priority Male are your ASU a cappella groups. Established in 1992, the Pitchforks are ASU’s oldest and only all-female a cappella group on campus. Founded in 2009, Priority Male is ASU’s only all-male a cappella group. Both groups include a variety of young women and men, and each group performs and participates in competitions, community fundraisers, parties and other large events across the Valley.


As one of the largest groups on campus, PAB consists of nine departments that plan various activities and events including Homecoming, Devils on Mill and Devilpalooza. Students help program, plan, promote and run the events and activities in various areas of interest that help provide ASU students with the best experience possible.


The Dancing Devils dance team’s mission is to provide quality entertainment while serving the community and supporting local charities. It also fosters lasting friendships through dance. The dance team perform and practice jazz, pom and contemporary styles. They dance at sporting competitions, conventions and performances, along with any other scheduled college or community events within the United States.


Changemaker Central is a student-led university initiative designed to support students to respond to the world’s challenges with Innovative Solutions. It connects students to opportunities in its four pillars —sustainability, civic engagement, service and entrepreneurship and innovation. Changemaker Central is behind four signature programs that help students receive support and assistance in moving forward with their engagement. The four programs include Devils in Disguise, 10,000 Solutions, Ignite @ ASU and Innovation Challenge.


As one of the nation’s most highly decorated student-run esports organizations, ASU Esports Association provides a rich community for students to learn more about and participate in the amazing world of esports. It has over 20 different teams in various titles including League of Legends, Valorant, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege and Hearthstone.


Chabad combines the pride of being Jewish with events that offer educational opportunities. A home away from home for every ASJew — as they say — the Chabad House provides a warm, welcoming and nonjudgmental space for every Jewish student at ASU. The organization hosts ongoing programs, events and activities as well as classes such as the weekly Gourmet Shabbat Dinner, Sinai Scholars Society and monthly Kosher barbecues.


Rainbow Coalition serves as the umbrella organization of more than a dozen ASU clubs focused on serving LGBTQIA+ students. The organization strives to support, connect and serve the ASU LGBTQIA+ community while increasing visibility and inclusion across all campuses and ASU Online. They facilitate conversations, provide education and program events and initiatives in collaboration with student organizations and ASU administration to ensure a welcoming campus environment for all.


BAC is dedicated to uniting African Americans, Blacks and allies at ASU. While representing many organizations at ASU, BAC continues to break barriers for equal opportunities and rights for all students. BAC’s goals are to increase enrollment, retention and advocacy.


If you have ever watched or read anything about the wizarding world of Harry Potter, you know about the game of quidditch. But did you know that there is not only an ASU quidditch team but that there is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit US Quidditch organization? Devils Quidditch is an official member of US Quidditch. Created in 2005, quidditch combines the elements of lacrosse, dodgeball and rugby. Seven players per team play on the field at one time with each player required to always keep a broom between their legs. Volleyballs (the quaffle) are used to score points by throwing into any of three hoops around the field, while dodgeballs (the bludger) are used to knock out players temporarily. The snitch is the ball that must be caught to end the game. CT


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