You’ve Been Boozed: Make Halloween spooky with surprise spirits


Despite its roots, Halloween is far from frightening—just frighteningly wholesome. And while we appreciated that when we were younger, college means taking your nostalgic childhood activities and doing all of those things drunkenly. (And studying, I guess.)

Suburban moms get ramped up for Halloween because it’s You Got Booed season. You Got Booed is a family-friendly game where neighbors drop homemade treats on each other’s porches, thereby “booing” that neighbor. After that neighbor is booed, they must bake their own treats and boo someone else. It’s basically neighborhood treat extortion and we don’t condone it. Unless there’s spirits involved. (Teehee)

So we created our own twist on the All Hallows game and put a tipsy twist on it. Prepare to get “Boozed.”

What you’ll need:

One of more 1 oz. liquor shooters.

One of more 1 oz. liquor shooters.

A Sharpie.

A Sharpie.

Tissues. (They'll be on your nightstand. Eh hem.)

Tissues. (They’ll be on your nightstand. Eh hem.)

A rubber band.

A rubber band.

A printer.

A printer.



















How to play:

1. Make the shooters into lil ghosts. We scrunched up a tissue into a ball, placed it on top of the shooter’s cap, placed another flat tissue over it and secured the “head” with a rubber band. Make sure to draw eyes on your ghost to get the point across.

2. Google Image search “You’ve Been Booed” and find a sign explaining the game. Print it out and add a “z” in sharpie in any instance the word “booed” appears. Or create your own sign if you’re feeling creative. Flip it over and on the opposite side, print a sign for them that says “We’ve Been Boozed.”

3. Drop your cute little ghosts off on your friend’s front porch on top of the sign, knock like you’re coming in to murder them and run away.

Your sign should explain the rules of the game to the boo’ey so they know to continue the tradition. They should read something like:

1. Take a shot!

2. Place the “We’ve Been Boozed” sign in your window or on your door so other people know you’ve already been boozed.

3. Within two days of getting Boozed, photocopy this sign and buy some tasty shot ghosts for a neighbor.

4. Secretly deliver your booze by creeping up to your neighbor’s door, knocking like you’re coming in to murder them and running away.


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