“When Was a Time That You Were Taken Aback by How Grateful You Were for Someone Else?”


“I guess just the people I’ve met in class so far. They have been pretty nice. You know, I just met them, but it feels like I’ve known them for a while. That kind of energy around campus, it’s a good thing.”– GILBERT FLORES, JUNIOR, ASU

“My birthday was in the first week of school. A couple of people I just met actually got me this ice cream thing—like my birthday cake. I was really grateful [that]someone really cared about it even though I only knew them for a week or so. I felt that was really cool!” – JEREMY FARIAN, FRESHMAN, ASU

“I’d say I’m grateful everyday for my parents. They gave me a place to live and I still live with them and that helps a lot.” – YASMIN LANDEROS, JUNIOR, ASU


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