‘What is your biggest fear?’


“I fear not being completely organized and in control of my life, [and not]living up to my own standards.” – MARIAH MARTINEZ, SOPHOMORE, ASU

“I fear not finding happiness in life. I don’t want to lose anything. I want to find happiness. I don’t really know what happiness [is]yet, but I know I’m not entirely happy right now. I have a lot of worries. I have a lot of stress.” – CLAIRE ESTELL TERNYIK, FRESHMAN, ASU

“I fear the dark and I fear doing something crazy at a party.” – GORDON RICE, JUNIOR, ASU

“Not being good enough. In school, I want to do the best possible, like getting A’s. For sports, I want my coach to be proud of me.” – PJ ALLIN, FRESHMAN, ASU



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