‘What Does Love Mean to You?’


“Love is my Australian Shepherd puppy. He is four months old. He is totally adorable and he has no idea how horrible life is and I love that. I think love is, I don’t know. Love is incorruptible. It’s something you are passionate for. It motivates you. Love is not a feeling. I think it’s a strong force that motivates you and it either pushes you one way or another in life.” – ISABELLA ROMAN, JUNIOR, ASU

“I don’t know. Love is like a feeling you have toward somebody. It’s just a feeling you have, caring and loving them basically. It is not a physical thing to be explained. It’s something inside your heart. You don’t see it, but you feel it. You know, it’s really hard to answer.” – ALEX MACLON, FRESHMAN, ASU

“You really like someone deep in your heart. You can’t live without it. It depends on what you love, a person or something. It’s more inside you than outside. It’s something you don’t go find. It finds you.” – JAQUELINE CERQUEIRA, SENIOR, EXCHANGE STUDENT AT ASU



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