“What Do You Think Happens After We Die?”


“Oh, I guess I’m sort of agnostic. I really don’t know if there is spiritual afterlife for any of us, but I do believe we are going to decompose eventually and all those cool chemicals and minerals we’re made up [of]are going to go back to the earth. Five billion years later, when the earth blows up, [those chemicals]will be released back to space or somewhere. We’ll all be part of this new cycle.” – THOMAS KUSHIBAB, GRADUATE STUDENT, ASU

“I think we all go somewhere. I’m not sure where, but I think there is something in the afterlife that everyone goes to. But it might be different for different people.” – DAISY CARTER, SENIOR, ASU

“When you die, your brain gets flooded with DMT and basically your body goes into a dream like trance. Usually your dream is about two minutes with DMT flow and that kind of feels like eternity in a way. You might think ‘Oh, I’m a great person,’ and the drug is going to kick in. You are going to heaven or you are going to hell, or there is no heaven or hell.” – MARK JOSEPH TINOR, JUNIOR, ASU


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