Vape Escapes talks shop on e-cig YouTube channel


There is no denying the popularity of e-cigs. It is estimated that e-cigarettes are a $1.5 billion market, and it is set to grow 24.2 percent per year through 2018, according to new projections from Research and Markets.

So it is no surprise that e-cigs have a huge following by both casual vapers and hardcore hobbyists. There are whole online communities on message boards and Reddit that talk about everything from hardware modification to local legislation.

Vape Escapes in Phoenix is joining the online conversation about vaping with their new YouTube channel. The Vape Channel is ideal for someone who wants to geek out about hardware, juice and vaping politics. It’s typical shop talk that you would probably hear in any vaping lounge, especially at Vape Escapes where Joel Vinson, The Vape Channel host, is a local authority on the subject.

“It’s a weekly show that touches on everything from news with updates from the federal government, to how to use new equipment, to reviews on new equipment, and all sorts of stuff. And we try and a little humor and comedy to it,” Vinson says.

Vinson has a background in podcasting and takes the show in areas you wouldn’t expect, such as vaping etiquette in public, which has become a hot topic recently with Tempe’s ban on e-cigs in public.

But the videos are brief, entertaining and informative. Vinson even takes questions from viewers and takes the time to answer them comprehensibly. He says he wants viewers to be able to get answers to questions they might be too embarrassed to ask in person.

“What differentiates us from other stores is that we really go out of our way to educate. If you come in here, you’re not just going to buy an e-cigarette and walk out. When you walk out you are going to have a vape in your hand and know exactly what you are doing,” he says.

The videos are ideal for novice vapers, but anyone looking into finding out more about electronic cigarettes will gain an insight into the larger vaping culture and community by listening to Vinson talk about vaping.

“My videos are totally bias because it’s my opinion first and foremost, but in the future I am trying to bring in other people so we can promote discussions,” he says.

Vinson says other vaping videos online are usually 20 to 30 minutes long and consist of people taking big puffs from their hardware. Hardly anything you would want to sit through. Instead, Vinson is honest in his reviews and puts his own opinions on the line.

“I have the benefit of working where I work, so I get to try things most other people don’t get to try,” he says.

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