#Trending ASU students weigh in on the worst trends of 2014


 We’re gonna get to this article, but first, let us take a #selfie.

This year was chockfull of some hilarious, utterly ridiculous and downright painful trends. From Tinder to twerking, Americans had the whole gamut covered.

Some fashion trends of 2014 were modernized versions of staples from decades past—cue the Hammer… we mean, “harem” pants. Smart phones and devices of all kinds are getting bigger and smarter, and social media use for young adults (18 to 29) is at an all-time high.

Inevitably, some trends are a bit more cringeworthy than those that reach the holy grail of success, and there’s no doubt that 2014 produced some lame #BreakTheInternet trends, at least according to some ASU students.

Rainee Gray: “I’d say selfies.”

Rainee Gray | College Times Required Reading
Deidre Lee: “Mine is probably the overuse of acronyms like LOL, GTFO, you know?”

Deidre Lee | College Times Required Reading
Kenan Thom: “The first one that came to mind—well they actually kind of came to mind at the same time—if I want it to be funny or speak honestly, it would probably be twerking and hyper-sexualization in the media, ‘cause that’s always disgusting. And as of late, my heart is telling me that it’s the unjust killing on unarmed black men. That seems to be a trend.”

Kenan Thom | College Times Required Reading
David Johns: “Oh gosh, I’d probably have to say twerking.”

David Jones | College Times Required Reading
Cassiana Wright: “The #ByeFelicia. (Laughs) I don’t understand where that’s from, and I don’t know why everyone says it. And ‘salty.’ I don’t get how ‘salty’ is a thing.”

Cassiana Wright | College Times Required Reading
Chad Schilling: “I think the whole social media, the way everything is blowing up and it’s blown out of proportion. It’s just kind of too much. Everyone kind of brings it in their way to benefit them, like Ferguson.”

Chad Schilling | College Times Required Reading
Marya Munoz: “I think Facebook is the worst. There is a lot of trouble with Facebook with relationships. I think it’s responsible for a lot of relationship breakups.”

Marya Munoz | College Times Required Reading
John Pickwoad: “The dumbest trend of 2014 is everyone being on their phone all the time.”

John Pickwoad | College Times Required Reading
Brandon Jones: “I hate excessive hashtags to gain more likes.”

Brandon Jones | College Times Required Reading





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