The Santa Spoiler: Students unveil how they, well… you know


32918724_lWe have all had that life shattering realization that Santa…Well, you know. Some found out through siblings, some grow out of it, but the raw truth is presents just weren’t the same. After that, you began to question who all these old men who want to be Santa and why do they want you to sit on their lap?

We asked 11 students how they found out the truth about the big guy.

Forest HollandCollege Times Staff

Forest Holland

Forest Holland“Basically, how I found out is that my parents brought Santa over at night, and I noticed he was on the skinny side and looked familiar, and I asked, ‘Is that our neighbor, Brian?’ and my mom was just like ‘….Yeah.’ She didn’t even really try to hide it.”

Sophie DeskinCollege Times Staff

Sophie Deskin

Sophie Deskin “My cousin told me. She has an older sister and she told her to tell me and ruin it all for me!”






Lucas FreelandCollege Times Staff

Lucas Freeland

Lucas Freeland “I found out when I was, like, five. I camped out all night to see him, and I pretty much just stayed up all night and saw no-one. It was the most boring night of my life.”

Grant SchneiderCollege Times Staff

Grant Schneider

Grant Schneider “I found out when I came down from my room at like 6:30 in the morning for some water and found my parents putting presents under the tree.





Taylor CoonCollege Times Staff

Taylor Coon

Taylor Coon “Oh gosh, I don’t even remember. I saw my moms handwriting on all the packages, and then me and my sister talked about it and decided he wasn’t real.”

Luke DeSimoneCollege Times Staff

Luke DeSimone

Luke DeSimone “I found out when one night at about 2 in the morning I walked down the stairs to get a drink of milk and I found my mom by the fire place putting out the Christmas presents and putting up the stockings.” 




Brian Smith Jr.College Times Staff

Brian Smith Jr.

Brian Smith Jr. “My parents told me who he was but they never really told me to believe in him. They were just like ‘Oh, he drives a sleigh with reindeer and, uh, brings you presents.’ They way they told me wasn’t very convincing at first, but then my friends told me he was real, but then later they told me he wasn’t, so my friends were really the ones who dragged me into all this and then got me out of all this—the Santa craze. I still got presents from Santa, but only for like two years.” 

Nick LeeCollege Times Staff

Nick Lee

Nick Lee “I figured out just by logical sense. Knowing he couldn’t deliver all the presents in the world to all the people in that amount of time.”






Will LarzaCollege Times Staff

Will Larza

Will Larza “Well, I’m Jewish, so I never actually believed in him.”

Kristin BriggsCollege Times Staff

Kristin Briggs

Kristin Briggs “Well, it was Christmas Eve and I heard a lot of ruckus downstairs, so automatically I thought someone was breaking into kill me, and so I snuck downstairs down the corner and saw my mom and stepdad bringing in a bike and a gecko tank, which my sister had asked for, and I asked for a bike. I ran upstairs and told me sister and was hysterical about it, and she just said ‘I found out like six years ago. You should have figured it out already.’”

Alaina MeeksCollege Times Staff

Alaina Meeks

Alaina Meeks “My brother is a year-and-a-half older than me, and I don’t remember how old we were, I just remember we were talking about Santa and he was like ‘Well, you know he’s not real right?’ I was old enough to know he wasn’t real, but I was still mad my brother told me.”



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