The Madison Vibe promises to kick your butt, but in a fun way


For those looking for a new form of cardio off of the boring treadmill, Tempe has a new cycling club that’s more like a nightclub. The Madison Vibe is one of the newest places to hit the workout scene around Arizona State University, and it’s catching on for a reason.

Its main seminar, called “Party On A Bike,” brings in hundreds of attendees per day who prepare to sweat it out while rocking out to some of the best upbeat music and with motivating instructors.

Sometimes even featuring a live DJ during their classes, The Madison Vibe brings in clientele with a promise of flashing lights, booming music, sore muscles and positive vibes. They offer shoes for rent, deals for students, and an entire storefront of fashionable, cutting edge clothes in various colors and sizes, all of which are suitable for the class. Bright confetti litters the floor as students walk into the glowing room, ready to put their muscles to use while fast-paced music already plays in the background before the warm-up begins.

So what makes the classes so addictive? Aside from the fact that classes only cost $15 for students and $10 on Mondays, each session provides something different every time. For Madison employee Cailey Hale, it’s all about the people.

“My favorite thing about The Madison is the people that come into our space,” Hale says. “Whether that’s the guests or the wonderful people I work with, they create such a positive, fun environment and it’s just impossible not to be happy. We have something no one else has and people love coming here. It’s their happy place.”

Certain instructors bring various techniques to the table, such as Keeks, who starts each of her sessions by telling her class, “You’re about to get your ass Keeked!” while simultaneously pushing them to their limit.

They’ve certainly built a community at The Madison Vibe, as the employees and instructors alike all know the students by name. Fun vibes, great workouts and a good time welcome any and all people who feel ready to get their butts kicked in some intense exercise.

The Madison Vibe, 149 S. Farmer Avenue, Tempe, 480.967.0835,


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