The Hive Salon Brings A Swarm of Color To Phoenix


Alli Bee and Heidi Martucci opened The Hive Salon in Phoenix last month. The Hive specializes in modern hair trends among men and women, making it the perfect place for young people to change up their looks with a crazy color or cut.

Before they became badass hair gurus, Alli worked as a receptionist at a salon in South Tempe before going to beauty school, and Heidi was working at a record store before she discovered her calling in the hair industry. The two met at Shampoo Ink in Phoenix, where they worked together for three years before deciding to venture out on their own in December.

“We both had very similar work ethics, professional values and a passion for our career, so we decided that it was just time for us to go out on our own,” Alli says.

Four months later these fashionably ambitious ladies are making their mark at the Salon Studios on Camelback, a beauty complex with 15 suites full of salon-type services.

“Fashion colors” are becoming more acceptable in the workplace. Alli, whose own hair is a fiery combination of reds, oranges, and yellows says colorful hair is not as taboo at work as it used to be.

“Especially in Phoenix, it’s such a college-centric city that I think people are a lot more accepting of it. It’s really fun that people are wearing their personality in their hair,” Alli says.

Making a drastic change in physical appearance can say a lot about a person. These hairstylists believe it’s a sign of confidence and fearlessness.

“It means they’re not afraid to be themselves and to be different,” Alli says.

Colorful hair doesn’t happen overnight. Before making the cut, you need to understand that going colorful is a long process.

“They have to know what their maintenance schedule is going to be like, because it’s not just what we’re doing today, it’s what it’s going to take to get you to your goals,” Heidi says.

“Hair has limitations and we don’t know what those are, so we do what the hair will let us do each visit and get there a little bit at a time. That’s the main goal, to have these beautiful, bright amazing colors but hair that looks and feels amazing still.”

A lot of times clients want to go from dark hair to platinum blonde in one day, which isn’t feasible if you want your hair to stay healthy.

“People are our business cards walking around, so we can’t have people complaining about their hair and saying things weren’t good and their hair was destroyed because they couldn’t be patient,” Alli says.

The biggest mistakes people make with hair are using too much heat, not using the right products and box color.
While they know salon-colored hair is an investment, the ladies stressed how important it is not to use box color.

“If their hair is really damaged, we’re just honest. Sometimes I take a humorous approach where I say, ‘Oh yeah! Sure! You can be platinum blonde today, how do you feel about pixie cuts?’” Alli says.

Trust is an essential part of the relationship with your hairdresser. Stylists are trained to know what kind of haircut or color would look best on a person by gauging their personality and lifestyle.

“We strive to give the best service that we can possibly give, and just make it a fun environment. We just love having fun at work and I think that it’s a huge reason we own this salon,” Alli says.

The Hive Salon 3240 E. Camelback Road, Suite 15, Phoenix, 602.456.2858


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