The dos and don’ts you need to know before your next EDM festival


I have been to quite a few shows, and quite a few festivals. One thing that I can confidently say, whether it is EDC Vegas or a weekend at HARD Day of the Dead, is always make sure to keep your energy high and your positive vibes higher. The way you think and act at these shows will be a direct reflection of how you are treated. Everyone is a mirror. What you give to them, they give back to you.

Whether you have been to zero or 100 music festivals, these tips can still keep your mind, body and spirit at a high frequency for the duration of the event.

Safety first, then teamwork
This means having your group, and then having a group within your group. If this just means having one “festival buddy,” that’s fine, but shows are all about safety in numbers. Always hold yourself accountable for someone else and they will make sure to do the same. If you go to a show by yourself, make sure to get noticed, make some friends, have some connections with people, so if something horrible happens, at least someone knows your missing.

Pace yourself
Everyone has that friend isn’t aware of their limits, whether it’s with alcohol or something more illicit. They go from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes, then back to 0 in a fiery crash of vomit and regret. Don’t be this person. Practice everything in moderation (yes, even dancing and screaming.) People die at these festivals only because they over indulge. They go from an algebra test to theoretical quantum physics and have no idea what went wrong. You skipped a few steps, and these festivals usually aren’t a “one night only” thing, so be sure to build up to the climax that is the last day, not burn out on the first.

Set the mood
Your vibe attracts your tribe. If you are happy, happiness will come your way. This is a life lesson as well, but senses are heightened at festivals. So if you’re mad, sad or unconfident, you will surely attract the same low vibration. Be a mood enhancer, set the tone, treat everyone equally and let go of all your doubt of not having a good time. You probably spent most of your spare cash to go to one of these things, so  get your money’s worth.

Escape from your ego
No one enjoys themselves when they are constantly worried about what they look like. Is your outfit dirty? Are you sweating too much? Is your makeup smeared? Who cares? Everyone around you has been dancing for seven hours. If they don’t look as battle-worn as you, they’re definitely not having as much fun. Do not judge others. Whatever you see in them is just a reflection of your own insecurities.

Don’t let anyone bring you down
This is the last tip, because if you can pull this off, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself. Don’t take drinks or drugs from strangers. If someone you don’t know offers you something, politely turn them down. The number of mean-spirited, pretentious people is limited at these events, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. If someone bumps into you or stands in front of you in the crowd, don’t let that bring you down. Whatever happens around you, don’t take it personally. Just have fun!


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