The Cast of ‘Everybody Wants Some!!’ Has an Undeniable Chemistry


The men of “Everybody Wants Some!!” are clearly like brothers. The camaraderie is clear between actors Glen Powell, Wyatt Russell, Quinton Johnson and Forrest Vickery.

During a recent interview at the Camby Hotel, there was constant laughter and jokes flying between the four. They genuinely cared about what the others were saying, which was evident from their intensity.

In “Everybody Wants Some!!” the brotherhood came to light in a different way. Powell, Russell, Johnson and Vickery play college baseball players who pull pranks on younger students. The bond on screen was believable.

Considered to be a sequel to Richard Linklater’s films “Dazed and Confused” and “Boyhood,” “Everybody Wants Some!!” follows the athletes as they learn to adjust to college life the first week of school. From parties to girls to baseball, the movie maneuvers through unsupervised adulthood.

“Freedom,” says Powell, who plays Finnegan. “It’s all about learning from the newfound freedom.”

The four men don’t associate their friendships with the film’s potential success. They give all the credit to Linklater. In fact, Powell even said that if the movie been in the hands of any other director, there may be a different outcome.

Linklater allowed them to experiment during the filming, which may have led to the impromptu expressions on screen. The actors were able to bring themselves into their characters, down to the clothing.

“They set up a shopping center almost,” says Russell, the son of actor Kurt Russell. “We got to go and pick out outfits we thought our character would wear, or even what we thought others might wear.”

They channeled their inner character during the two weeks before filming when the group spent time at Linklater’s ranch. That was Vickery’s favorite part of the process. Like their visit to Phoenix, they were able to bond and make the connections that a real team would have.



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