Study Spots: The Top Five Places Downtown to Hole Up and Prepare for Midterms


Is the mere idea of studying for midterms getting you down? Never fear! These Downtown Phoenix hotspots are sure to make you comfy and cozy and let you relax so you can ace those tests and hit the road for spring break!

This Phoenix hotspot is where students gather to study for quizzes, tests or just to read a book and get away from campus for a little while. You can enjoy a nice quiet atmosphere with only the buzzing and hissing of coffee makers to accompany you. While you’re there, why not drown yourself in coffee to get you through the night?, 918 N. Fifth Street, Phoenix

Who would’ve thought to go to the library to study for those dreaded midterms? Honestly though, the library is really quiet and located in the basement level of University Center on the Downtown Phoenix campus. There are study rooms so you and your closest friends can hunker down and study like there’s no tomorrow., 411 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix

Do you love the outdoors and breathing in the smell of freshly cut grass? Does soaking up the sun really get you in a good mood to hit the books so you’ll finish the semester with a 4.0? Then you definitely need to get down to Margaret T. Hance Park. There’s plenty of spots for you to settle in and tune out the rest of the world for a few hours and when it gets dark just mosey on over to an open ramada and keep reading and highlighting!, 1202 N. Third Street, Phoenix

Why not be cliché and go study at Lux? There’s a reason so many people do it! It’s a nice atmosphere and there is nearly an endless supply of the good stuff a.k.a. caffeine. Lux Central is open really late some nights and if you start to feel weary and near death after several hours of studying, grab one of their house-made cupcakes or bearclaws to give you that final push deep into your night. Not feeling the sweets? Grab a good old fashioned cup of joe., 4402 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix

OK, so we’ve covered cafés and a library, now why not combine the two? Nestled inside Tempe Public Library is Connections Café, a full-service espresso bar that awaits all who enter. They aren’t open late but the early bird does get the worm sometimes, right? Their menu features pastries, sandwiches and soups so you can keep yourself fed throughout the day. Oh, and did we mention there’s free Wi-Fi?, 3500 S. Rural Road, Tempe



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