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Zombie Research Society’s Tips for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Published: Friday, October 26, 2012

Updated: Friday, October 26, 2012 14:10


They're coming...

Rotting, deranged, disease-infested killers that have provided us with endless frightening zombie-filled entertainment on the big screen just might possibly roam Earth one day.

In the occasion of a zombie apocalypse, society needs to be aware and prepared to fend off these infectious predators.

This brief survival guide, containing vital tips from Zombie Research Society board member and zombie enthusiast Mikey Taylor shall adequately prepare anyone for potential zombie encounters.


How to recognize a zombie

A zombie, possibly manifested from a drastically mutated disease engulfing an innocent human body, is instantly recognizable by its foul odor. Moans, groans and lifeless eyes are the next-most distinct characteristics.

"A zombie is a reincarnation of a corpse," Taylor said. "They want to spread the virus by you and they want to kill you."

According to personally conducted in-depth disease and animal research, Taylor said the most likely zombie virus would stem from a rabies mutation passed from bats to humans by bite.

"There are also the possibilities of radiation exposure or government experiments," Taylor said. "But the most likely [possibility] is a disease that jumps from animal to human."


How to fight off a zombie

If you do encounter a zombie,avoid physical contact at all costs. This may seem like an obvious warning but just like most illnesses the zombie virus is directly passed by blood-to-blood contact or from the mixing of bodily fluids (saliva from bites).

"As far as fending them off, do not engage in any hand-to-hand contact," Taylor said. "Avoid a bite or being scratched."

As far as weapons are concerned, it is necessary to contain a weapon one can use adequately. The weapon should be an extension of one's body, such as a bat, Taylor said.


How to survive a zombie outbreak

It is essential to gather at least three days worth of food and water. A means of purifying water is highly recommended by Taylor. Seeking refuge in an extremely high building or underground bunker is discouraged because there is only one way in and one way out. Once that water supply runs dry, zombies will be the fatal barrier between you and survival.

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