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WTF: Men’s Perspective on Women's Fashion Trends

Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Updated: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 19:03

Daisy Dukes

"I've literally considered hibernating until Daisy Dukes are trendy once again.” - Dominic

Those fashion-forward styles may not be working in your favor when it comes to attracting members of the opposite sex. College Times ran a few of the hottest trends by a few guys and here’s what they had to say:


Shaving half your head and other weird haircuts

Being unique is a good thing, but sometimes it can take a strange turn. Make sure to think long and hard before doing something drastic with your hair. Most guys prefer when you keep it simple.


“I don't like the trend of girls shaving half their head to appear 'punk-ish.'” - Blane


“I wish girls realized that shaving half of their head just looks dirty. There's still something to be said about a girl with clean, healthy, long hair... Fortunately, I don't think the half-shaved head thing is as popular as the attention it pulls.” -Dominic


Printed tights as pants

If you're going to the gym or wearing them under a tunic or dress, it's fitting. However, wearing a pair of tights covered in a crazy print instead of pants can be a sight for sore eyes.


“I'm indifferent to those. Whatever they feel comfortable wearing is fine by me.” - Blane


“I guess the printed tights are supposed to be a bit of a notion to the ‘50s or something... I don't have much of an opinion on them since I've only just recently seen them.” - Dominic


Uggs and shorts

I know the weather can be confusing sometimes, especially in Arizona, but it may be best to dress for just one season or pairing clothes that are so drastically meant for different seasons.


“They just don't go to together.” - Dillon


“Really? Your feet are freezing but your legs are okay?” - Kyle


Some high-waisted shorts

Make sure they are the right fit. If executed poorly, high-waisted shorts can look all kinds of wrong.


“They can look like mom jeans but cut into shorts.” - Dillon


“I was extremely disappointed when I realized that the high-waisted shorts trend would be here to stay... The higher waistline makes a lady look like they have such a short torso and abnormally long lower back and butt. I've literally considered hibernating until Daisy Dukes are trendy once again.” - Dominic


Sock Buns

We've all done it – thrown our hair up using an old sock to make a speedy bun appear perfect. To us, it looks like we put work into it without actually doing so. Most guys just find it overdone and a little laugh worthy. Ask any frat guy and they will not hesitate to share their disdain for the 'do.

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