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Time Out: Colin Hekle, ASU junior center

Published: Friday, October 26, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 15:10

Colin Hekle

Colleen Hayes

Colin Hekle in a faceoff.

Has the NHL lockout made you miss hockey?

You don’t need the Coyotes to get your hockey fix, because you have the Arizona State Sun Devils.

ASU hockey is the No. 2 ACHA team in the nation and has its eyes on a national championship.

The Devils are a gritty team that is also highly skilled offensively.

With a 9-0 record ASU hockey is arguably the most dominant team the University has, and they put on a show every weekend at the Oceanside Ice Arena.

Colin Hekle is a junior center and team captain. Recently, he spoke to the College Times in a post-game interview.


Focus: “The team we have this year is leaps and bounds ahead of what we had last year. We are all working toward the same goal, and it is really nice to see that.”

Being a leader: “I was captain of my juniors [team], too. To have a group like this, that is all on the same page, it’s really rewarding.”

True grit: “Everyone has got everyone else’s back. We are a really skilled team, but when it comes to a physical aspect we don’t back down. Everyone plays a role and we know how to stick up for each other, so don’t let anyone get away with anything.”

Team goals: “This year, for sure, national championship. As a program, I would say continually landing in the top five in the nation would be a good goal for us, and I think we are headed in that direction. But for this year, I think game by game and ultimately [to] win a national championship.”

Personal goals: “I just want to contribute to the team and have a good all-around season. I want to leave this program with a national championship. I have this year and next year left. I just want to leave with a championship.”

Check it out: “The hockey market in Arizona is growing pretty quickly. The Coyotes making that run in the playoffs really helped Arizona know about hockey a little more. I think that if they come out and see how good our team is, they will stick around and come to more games.”

Off the ice: “Mostly I just hang out with the guys, play a round of golf and just keep fit for the hockey season.”

Team personality: “We are a very offensively skilled team. We have a few lines that do grind it out, that their job is to grind it out. But I would say our top nine forwards and a couple defensemen are extremely skilled and can pretty much stick handle their team out of a phone booth. I think we are just a very offensively skilled ‘lollipop’ team.”

Lollipop?: “Lollipop is our word of the week. Every week we have a word that we have to slowly work into our mid-game or after-game interviews. This week it was lollipop. The captains usually come on Monday and just throw the word on the whiteboard.”

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