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Tempe Comic Book Store Owner Pushes Customers, Friends to Focus on Fitness

Published: Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Updated: Friday, July 20, 2012 14:07


Amanda Nelson, City of Tempe

Marco Regalado, left with Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman and Sean Arteaga celebrate the grand opening of Pop Culture Paradise's new location

He also feels more energized.

“I used to sleep in until the very last moment and then get out of bed and race to work and just be busy the whole day.”

Now, Regalado said, he is up at 6 a.m., ready for a workout.

Regalado said his greatest struggle on the road to a buff bod was time. Between store obligations and helping his wife at home, it was difficult to find time for exercise. He said he learned to be flexible with his workout times, switching to an evening jog if he couldn’t find time in the mornings.

Comparing his journey to that of Peter Parker in Spiderman, Regalado said, “He started out a geeky guy [and] wasn’t the big football jock or anything like that. He brought the whole nerd thing into the popular, macho guy world, and I think it works well for him. I would say that’s the best comparison.”

Although the event ends on June 13, Regalado said he is interested in starting a regular Facebook page to keep the health and fitness momentum going in the lives of nerds.

“The majority of our fan base, they’re not the guys that you’re going to see at the gym, pumping iron,” Regalado said. “There are a lot of fantastic looking people, but we’re all nerds, man.  We’re all reading comics and playing games, you know.  It’s not ‘hey let’s go to the gym and hang out,’ it’s ‘let’s go to the comic book shop and hang out.’ […] I think it’s huge for this industry to say, ‘I could work out, and I can look good and I can still read comics and play games.’

“This is what everybody can do at any point in their lives ... your before and after can begin now.”

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