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Tempe boutique FoxCartel mixes old and new to fit fashionistas' multiple personalities

Published: Friday, June 15, 2012

Updated: Friday, July 20, 2012 13:07

Fox Cartel 2

Joey Couture Photography

Model: LuxBot, chunky wood bangle bracelet, $16; leather, wood bead, stack bracelet, $22; perfect round sunglasses, $15; Tribal warrior triangle earrings, $16; Vintage Danskin, ultra low cut bathing suit, $55; Vintage graphic print animal scarf, $8. All at

Stan Coles wants us to take some fashion risks.

“People tend to follow to narrow a path,” she said. “They find a style they’re comfortable with and stick with it.”

But Coles, a jack of all trades, who has her hand in styling local fashion shoots, working as a stylist and running a couple of small businesses – all while pursuing a degree at Arizona State University – sees human beings as too complex to stick to just one look.

Her latest retail venture,, aims to give those seeking to drastically change their look – or just add a little but unique flair – a place to start.

“What I tell my clients is to come up with a few different looks,” she said. “There’s so many ways we can feel from day to day: girly, preppy, jock, some days you might feel ‘rock star.’”

The site features an array of custom vintage pieces, culled from a variety of sources including estate sales, and new accessory items such as necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses and handbags.

Coles said her personal tastes and, thus the flavor of the site, definitely lean “eclectic; a little wild, a little rock ‘n’ roll.”

Many of the pieces for sale at, indeed, are in-step with the reemerging of ‘80s and ‘90s rocker style, as seen in this week’s release of “Rock of Ages.”

Examples include a black, late ‘80s, crushed velvet lace mini dress for $49, a ’80s gold laméjumpsuit for $129 or, should you be feeling particularly active, an ’80s USA track jacket by Asics. Indeed, these are the kinds of pieces that those who scour vintage and thrift stores dream of finding but rarely do. Similar pieces in a high-end Los Angeles or New York vintage boutique might easily sell for double or triple the price.

The accessories on exhibit a wider range of styles, from bohemian bracelets to chunky Southwestern rings inlaid with turquoise and metals. Purses and handbags include varieties in leather and wool knit. The site’s sunglasses, meanwhile, take on a decidedly retro feel.

Coles is no stranger to melding the old and the new. She runs another online business, Awesometown Vintage, which follows a similar theme; and previously owned a downtown Tempe furniture shop in the early 2000s called kontrive.

The store, which featured a wide arrange of mid-century modern and 1960s furnishing, almost seemed a bit ahead of its time in the Phoenix area. Such home furnishing styles are now very trendy in Tempe, Scottsdale and older, more established neighborhoods in Phoenix.

Similarly, a lot of Coles’ initial sales for are coming from places a little ahead of the Valley on the fashion curve: Los Angeles, New York and Europe.

But Coles hopes people will heed her advice and take a shot at giving their wardrobe a little more flash.

“Take more chances,” she said. “That’s what this site is for.”


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