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Scottsdale’s New Dollhouse Lounge Plays Down the Hype

Published: Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 17:10

Dollhouse Scottsdale

Ryan A. Ruiz • College Times

Managing partners Chad Landau (left) and G.R. Boone bring to life Scottsdale's newest hotspot, Dollhouse Cocktail Lounge, in Old Town.


There is a new nightlife contender vying to be the next chic hot-spot in Old Town Scottsdale, but don't expect too many gimmicks to announce the occasion.

Dollhouse Cocktail Lounge, situated in the heart of the entertainment district where the beloved Crown Room once stood, will open this weekend, and owners promise the music and cocktail lounge will provide Scottsdale with a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience.

It was a sad day for loyal patrons when word got out that the Crown Room, a popular and long-standing lounge in Scottsdale was going to close. But it wasn't long before the Smashboxx managing staff swooped in and bought out the locale. In just three months and after an $800,000 renovation, according to ownership, managing partners, G.R. Boone, Chad Landau, Kyle Dibble and Brooks Holcomb have turned the space into what they say will be a new night-dweller favorite.

"We didn't want to fix what wasn't broken," Landau said, referring to reputation of the old space. "So we kind of re-invented it."

Unlike Smashboxx, which leans on a manic social networking presence and quirks like its infamous online confessional, ‘the Hotboxx,' Dollhouse is less promotion-driven and will focus instead on becoming a fallback bar to which the Scottsdale crowd regularly turns. The goal here, Landau says, is less hype and trend and more quality and longevity. "We want people to come to Dollhouse any day of the week because they'll know that it's just a cool place to hang out."

The owners took their knowledge of the Scottsdale entertainment scene and combined it with their ideas of what it was lacking, and the result was an intimate, boutique-style setting – a high-energy ultra lounge.

That means Dollhouse is the kind of place where you can enjoy a well-deserved happy hour drink in a relaxed atmosphere after work with a colleague, or show up in the later evening to enjoy an intimate setting with a date. Since it is in such a high-traffic area, the late night hours will bring in a larger crowd, and around 10 o'clock, the lounge will turn into a high-energy dance atmosphere complete with a state-of-the-art sound system.

"The way we set it up, it has a lot more flow," Landau said. "We made it really efficient [and] put a ton of emphasis into a really intelligent ambiance and lighting system."

The lounge is set up with LED lighting that can transform the space from a chill environment into a full-force nightclub. At night, the club will pump out current electronic and house music and, much like Smashboxx, will bring in some highly sought after nationally touring DJs and talent, Landau said.

Dollhouse will operate with a full-service bar, but will focus primarily on its specialty cocktails. The venue had a couple nationally-recognized mixologists come up with a cocktail menu that will feature exotic fruits drinks with a decadent presentation, management said.

And with the fruity drink and feminine name in mind, you may have guessed that Dollhouse will be catering heavily towards women, but Landau assures that the space will still have a definite masculine feel to it – and, as we all know, where the ladies are, the gents will follow.

Table service will be available for club-goers and will include some unique features, including cell phone banks and lock boxes for girls to put their purses in. Landau said the goal is to eventually be able to offer package deals with table service, which could include rides to nearby hotels and special deals for neighboring spas and boutiques.

 "We really want to cross-promote with other business to make things easier on the customer as far as a full nightlife experience," Landau said.

But that doesn't mean you need to have a table to get the VIP treatment. Dollhouse has made it its goal to provide a more personable nightclub experience, Landau said. "We are paying very close attention to VIP, customer service and personal relationships," Landau said.


Dollhouse Cocktail Lounge, 7419 E. Indian Plaza, Suite B, Scottsdale, 855.833.3655

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