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Make Your Smartphone Smarter w/ Apps Every College Student Needs

Published: Friday, February 22, 2013

Updated: Friday, February 22, 2013 11:02

Apps for Phone

Without your phone, you feel naked and you know it. Why wouldn’t you? We rely on our phones for virtually everything these days – from keeping up with news to planning what you’re going to do that night and, god forbid, if something keeps us from creeping on our exes or “checking in” at the gym. But what is your phone really doing for you besides making you a professional stalker? Most of us already have the Facebook, Instagram and Yelp apps on lock, but in order to maximize your smart phone’s potential, there are a few other apps every college student should know about.


Hotel Tonight

Sometimes a spur-of-the-moment trip to Vegas or San Diego sounds like a great idea. In those instances, use Hotel Tonight. The last-minute hotel booking app offers discounted prices (up to 70 percent off) for unsold rooms in any given city. The catch is, you won’t know where you can stay until noon the day of, but there seems to always be a good variety of hotels and prices to choose from.


Amazon Student

Before you cough up hundreds of dollars on text books, get this app. Scan the barcode of any book to check and compare prices. Chances are it’s sold much cheaper on Amazon than the bookstore. You can follow the same steps to sell your unwanted books, too. 


Happy Hours

There are two things we know for sure: 1. College students like to drink 2. College students are broke. That’s why we love Happy Hours. This mobile app is an excellent source for finding up-to-date happy hours and drink specials at surrounding bars.


WiFi Finder

Looking for a hot-spot? For those moments when all you need is an emergency internet connection, this mobile app comes to the rescue.



You may have already jumped on this train via email, but with Groupon’s amazing deals at your fingertips you will never miss out on a good deal again. The best thing about this app is you will find deals on items or excursions you couldn’t otherwise afford at a great rate. Finally take those golf lessons or get that mani/pedi on the cheap!



Keep track of classes via task reminders, take and share notes and organize your schedule via this app. It’s like your very own personal assistant.



Sure, YouTube can offer hour of endless mind-numbing entertainment but with TED’s long list of inspirational and informative talks you might actually learn a thing or two. May we suggest this app for your next light rail ride?


Drunk Dial NO!

There are certain people who should not be in our call log or text inbox when we wake up after a long night of drinking. Before you make the dreaded drunk dial, add your list of the usual suspects to a block list and have those tequila shots without worry. You can thank us later!

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