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Hot For Teacher: Is All Fair in Campus and Classroom?

Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Updated: Thursday, February 21, 2013 16:02

Joanne Cacciatore

Courtesy of Joanne Cacciatore

Joanne Cacciatore

It’s the first day of school. You walk in to class and take a seat.

While you’re sitting there, silently judging every person who walks in, you notice someone.

It is a drop-dead gorgeous woman you cannot take your eyes off of.

“Please sit next to me, please sit next to me,” you say in your head.

But then, she walks up to the front of the class and starts teaching.

Joanne Cacciatore, a social work professor, is rated as one of the hottest teachers at Arizona State University according to

“I didn’t even know they had a hotness rating,” Cacciatore says.

Cacciatore has been a professor at ASU since 2007 and says she was “flattered by students' aesthetic generosity.”

Cacciatore says she never really thought about how her looks affect her class, but she recalled a student who was particularly fond for her.

“Most of my students are female, and I think most of the male students are pretty respectful,” Cacciatore says. “I did have one student once who spent a lot of time at my office, but he asked good questions too.”

Cacciatore believes students occasionally do choose their professors based on attractiveness, but she also says “sometimes people don’t make the best choices.”

“Whether or not someone would be a good teacher is the decision a student should make,” Cacciatore says. “I would issue a caution to students not to choose teachers based on that but to choose based on their quality of teaching. You could walk away with so much more from a class experience.”

Psychology professor David Daniel agrees with Cacciatore.

“You would have to be a moron to pick your professor based on how attractive they are,” Daniel says.

Daniel knows a thing or two about attractive teachers. Aside from having a very attractive Spanish teacher in his college days, he is also the rated as the hottest professor in the nation by

“I can’t say it is just physical,” Daniel says. “I think it has a lot to do with charisma, how you carry yourself and how you treat people.”

It was about three years ago when Daniel says he first saw his name crack the top 50 list, but last year he was notified by that he claimed the top spot.

“They sent me an email, but there was no plaque. I wanted a plaque,” Daniel says. “There is one in Oregon, and he won a plaque for it.”

When asked if he believes he is the hottest in the nation, he responds by saying: “I have to, I’m No. 1.”

He even uses his “celebrity status” for the sake of his classroom lessons.

“I use it to teach validity,” he says. “I show a picture of Brad Pitt, then I have them look at me, then I go on the website and show them how valid it is.”

Daniel also claims he has had students ask him out before, but he refuses to accept any offer of that kind from a student.

Nick Canning is a freshman exploratory social behavior major who says he has heard stories about professors with more leniency than Daniel allows.

“I have heard some stories about chicks that have gotten with some of their professors – a relationship that goes beyond education,” Canning says.

Even if given the opportunity, Canning says he would never consider dating one of his professors because “it would be an awkward relationship” and he prefers not to take a course taught by a professor he finds attractive.

“If you want to absorb material, you might be distracted,” Canning says.

Bria Harris, a psychology junior, claims she knows girls who would take a class because a professor is hot.

Harris, like Canning, said she wouldn’t go out of her way to take a class taught by a hot professor.

“I take education seriously and my parents are not paying for my school,” Harris says.

However, she did admit that she had the choice between two professors who measured up equal in every other category, she would probably choose based on looks.

“Eye candy is a bonus.”

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