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Guide to YouTube's College Channels

Published: Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 17:10


Courtesy of Dormtainment

The guys of Dormtainment.

Chances are you’ve heard of YouTube channels like Funny or Die, College Humor and Epic Meal Time. However, there are still so many great channels waiting to be discovered.

Dormtainment TV

A group of six guys who live together bring you into their world and make you feel like you are a part of the crew.

Known by their fans as Mike 3G, Tay, J.Rome, C-Milli, C-Diddy and Mr. Dormtaiment, these six comedians are friends and roommates who film a unique blend of pranks, music and comedy sketches.

Ammanual Richards, aka Mr. Dormtainment, said it all started in 2009 when the crew was going to college in Atlanta.

The group made a silly video that featured J.Rome dancing and Richards acting as a dance hunter.

“We put it up on Facebook and noticed it got a lot of comments,” Richards said. “We thought, hey, maybe we maybe can do something and do little skits and stuff. I had a camera, and the rest of us just started to try it.”

Now, Dormtainment has over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and its own website.

“It’s creative college comedy,” Richards said, “We are the brand; We individually, and we as a group.”

One of the things that makes Dormtainment unique is its musical talent.

Three members are music producers, and Dormtainment will release an album with its original songs soon.

“We want to make quality music that you can actually listen in your own personal time and enjoy but still laugh,” Richards said.

Dormtainment has so much to offer that it is easy to get hooked. Its fan base is very committed and growing by the day.

Along with the YouTube channel and website, Dormtainment also connects with fans through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram.

Richards described the group’s relationship with its fans as “very close.”

“At certain instances [being so close] worries me, because they are really, really close, to the point that we have had stalkers before,” he said.

Moving forward, Richards said that getting a TV show is “one of the main goals.”

However, for the time being check the guys out on YouTube.

New videos premiere Sundays

My suggestions: “Straight Outta Dunwoody,” the “F*cking With Chaz” series and the October series (Halloween Special)


Other must-see channels:


You guessed it. This channel is full of five-second films. This may be the greatest time-killing site of all time. If you just keep clicking on random clips, you are bound to find a handful you thought were funny.

New videos premiere almost daily

My Suggestions: “The Most Popular Man in the World,” “Unrecognized Genius”


Starring the very funny Natalie Tran, the Community Channel has skits mostly about her life experiences. At the end of all her videos she does something called “porno music/comment time,” during which she reads her favorite fan comments over cheesy porno music.

New videos premiere randomly

My Suggestions: “Bad Loser,” “Unnecessarily Intimate”


Somehow, there are still people that have not heard of Jenna Marbles. Most of her videos either teach the audience about something or explain relationships, interactions at the club or entertainment. She has become one of the top personalities on YouTube and has over 2 million followers.

New Videos premiere Wednesdays

My suggestions: “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking,” “Things Boys Don’t Understand”


Bro, if you like talking about bros or being a bro, this channel is for you. Formerly known as The Jimmy Tatro Channel, Life According to Jimmy is one guy’s portrayal of over-the-top bros.

New videos premiere Mondays

My suggestions: “Frat Life,” “Post BJ Problems”


Hannah Hart does multiple kinds of videos on this channel, but she is most known for “My Drunk Kitchen” on which she drinks copious amounts of wine then tries to cook something that she seems to have never made before. Like most things involving alcohol, it gets funnier the longer it goes on. So give it a chance.

New videos premiere Thursdays

My suggestions: “My Drunk Kitchen” series and “Show Me Where Ya Noms At”

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