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CollegeFashionista Scopes Out ASU

Published: Friday, September 2, 2011

Updated: Friday, September 2, 2011 18:09

Amy Levin

Courtesy Amy Levin

Amy Levin of is a fashion blog that merges the world of style, models and runways with students and colleges. Its 350 Style Gurus scour hundreds of campuses in more than 14 countries for the best-dressed collegiates. College Times chatted with founder and creative director Amy Levin by email to see how it all works and what CollegeFashionista thinks about Sun Devil attire.

College Times: What do the Style Gurus look for when selecting their students to blog about?

Levin: Our Style Gurus look for students who possess individual style. Fashionistas or Fashionistos who are taking risks and are comfortable with their own fashion choices. We don't set guidelines on what trends our Style Gurus should capture. It's organic and really about who inspires them when walking to class.

In terms of all the campuses College Fashionista is present at, how has college attire evolved compared to the fashion industry?

There are a lot of parallel trends that occur on the runway and on the streets of college campuses. Naturally, the avante-garde aspect of fashion on the runways isn't always seen on the quad at Indiana University, but there are some remnants of runway trends present throughout all our campuses. What I find so interesting about comparing the runways to the pages of CollegeFashionista is that our subjects are on budgets. They can't afford to wear Givenchy dresses and Valentino heels to class. They take notes and inspiration from overarching themes occurring on the runway, then they figure out how to make that look work within their budget and constraints. I am always impressed with the thrifty finds college students pick up and jumble together to make a look that to me is very runway-esque.

How long has College Fashionista been at ASU?

CollegeFashionista launched in August 2009 and we launched our ASU branch in September 2009, so it was one of the first schools to join the CollegeFashionista community.

In the style-savvy eyes of College Fashionista, what kind of fashion does ASU represent?

I think ASU has a plethora of fashion, from hipster grunge to a more polished prepster feel. It's hard to generalize fashion at a campus like ASU when there is so much diversity and so many new trends being created daily.

Do you have any tips or trend forecasts that could help Sun Devils stay cool in the scorching desert heat?

The weather in Phoenix can be quite challenging. As a huge fall fashion junkie I sympathize with those students who follow fall trends and can't layer up in sweaters, fur and wool jackets. However, being in warm weather has loads of perks and my recommendation for Sun Devils looking to stay cool is load up on sheer maxi skirts and basic white t-shirts. Maxi skirts are breathable while still being on trend and owning multiple basic white t-shirts is the optimal solution for staying cool. You can never have too many white t-shirts – especially in a hot place like Arizona.

How would an aspiring Style Guru go about working for College Fashionista? Are you looking for ASU Style Gurus?

CollegeFashionista brings on new Style Gurus and campuses three times a year. We are always looking for ambitious, fashion-forward and camera savvy contributors to bring their own interpretation of street fashion to the pages of CollegeFashionista. If students are interested they should send a resume, street style samples and writing samples to Style On!

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