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CLASS OF '12: First-Generation Grad Plans to Pursue PhD

Published: Friday, May 4, 2012

Updated: Friday, May 4, 2012 14:05

Class of '12, Stephanie Yahn

Tiera Allen

Stephanie Yahn

Stephanie Yahn,

BS, Biology, Animal Physiology and Behavior

Age: 22


How’d you end up at ASU?

ASU provided the opportunity, financial support and location that I desired for my undergraduate career. I always felt it was the “safe” choice, but it has really turned out to be the best choice as corny as that sounds.


First impression after day one:

My first impression was that I was going to need a good bike and a lot of deodorant to make it across ASU’s massive campus in the heat every day.


Favorite college memory:

My favorite college memory is the day I moved into the dorms freshman year. Besides the inherent feeling of independence, I could tell how proud my parents were of me as I was beginning an endeavor neither of them had believed right or possible for themselves.


Most challenging part of the college experience:

The most challenging part of my college experience has been finding my one true passion and making a career out of it. There are a lot of opportunities in science, and it has taken me all four years to narrow them down to the path I am on now.


What got you through it:

My parents have always been my biggest cheerleaders. They have never pressured me, but have always supported me. They assured me time and again that I would become a creative and intelligent contributor to the world despite how awkward and inexperienced I may have been feeling. They were right.


Advice you wish you had as a freshman:

I wish I would have taken the advice I was given many times to relax and enjoy the process.


Post-grad plans:

I will be working as a laboratory technician at ASU this year as I apply to neuroscience and biomedical sciences PhD programs.

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