Six Horror Stories about Roommates from Hell


With move-in day approaching fast, it’s almost time to meet your roommates. Oftentimes, you won’t know your roomie before move-in, and that’s all right. Many times, roommates become best friends by the end of the year. Other times, however, roommates can be a nightmare. We talked to college students about their worst roommates and got some pretty horrific tales. Here are stories of some of the worst roommates in hopes that your roommate will at least be better than theirs. Good luck.

“It was the week before Halloween and my roommates were carving pumpkins and talking about what to carve. One of them was planning to carve a swastika because she thought it would be funny. I then had to explain to her why it wasn’t funny (especially because my boyfriend at the time was Jewish).”
-Elizabeth S., junior

“My roommate and I butted heads a lot. Near the end of first semester, she started to play a game that I lovingly named ‘hide all of the things that my roommate needs the next morning.’ The highlights of the game included: taking all of my shoelaces and hiding them, taking the toner cartridge out of my printer the night I needed to print a rough draft, taking my laundry detergent and hiding my bras. She was a gem.”
-Alaina O., recent graduate

“My roommate freshman year was a twin sister. Her twin went to a different college and this was the first time she had ever lived somewhere without her. Every time I left the room, she wanted to know where I was going and with whom. She would text me if I wasn’t back by the time I said I would be. Eventually, I stopped telling her and it got worse. She would blow up my phone if I didn’t come home. And if I did come home late, I would have to sleep in the living room because opening the bedroom door would wake her. One night, I came home to her mom and grandma asleep in our living room! I woke up the next morning and she and all her belongings were gone. Never heard from her again.”
-Megan W., senior

“My roommate last year would FaceTime her boyfriend all night long and be mad at me for wanting to turn the light off. She also turned every single light back on whenever she got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.”
-Hanna K., sophomore

“One of my roommates and I didn’t really get along most of the year. Most of us were best friends, but he was an oddball. He and I argued a couple times, but nothing too major. At one point, I started coaching baseball at a nearby high school and didn’t have a car, so I’d walk through the neighborhoods to get there. Since the neighborhood was kind of sketchy, I started carrying a pocket knife for protection. Around the same time, I started watching the show Sons of Anarchy, which is a show about a biker gang full of violence, sex and lots of drama. Great show. While I was watching it, I would often fidget with my pocket knife, because I have trouble sitting still. I also drew one of the show’s character’s anarchy tattoos on my arm, a big letter “A”, because I thought it looked cool. My roommate saw all of this and came to the conclusion that I was a Satanist who was going to sacrifice him in his sleep. He reported me, and eventually moved out of our room.”
-Louie T., junior


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