Shifting Gears: State Rideshop brings beach vibe to Tempe


Anyone who has spent time at ASU’s Tempe campus will observe one thing: it’s impossible to get somewhere without seeing someone cruise by on a bicycle or skateboard. However, the student community lacks an accessible one-stop shop to purchase, service or ask questions about bikes and boards.

After coming to the same conclusion, ASU alumni Eric Ferguson and Mehdi Farsi did something about it.

Farsi and Ferguson launched a bike retailer and distributer business, State Bicycle Co., in 2009. The alums just opened their newest concept, State Rideshop, in Tempe on August 1. They seek to embody the fast-paced lifestyle of ASU students while fostering the laidback, low-key culture of Southern California.

Ferguson says the shop prides itself on eradicating the “intimidation factor” that many bike and board shops possess. The shop is decorated with exclusive artwork from local artists and surfing and skateboarding videos flash across TVs mounted on the walls, evoking a comfortable and creative space that is “fresh and productive at the same time.”

Our staff is very personable and engaging, and also very knowledgeable,” says Ferguson. “We are continuing to add products from brands that we think are doing cool or interesting things or are locally based.”

State Rideshop is the only full-service bike, board and repair shop in the Valley. Another thing that sets them apart is their one-of-a-kind “BYOB: Build Your Own Board or Bike” concept, which allows customers to mix and match parts to create a custom set of wheels. Skateboarders can choose their own decks, trucks and wheels for a flat rate of $59.

“Our demographic, ourselves included, really put a value on creating their own color schemes to make their product unique to them,” Ferguson says about the creation of the BYOB concept. “We chose not to limit our customer’s options when it came to making their own board, we wanted them to own it and make it a statement piece.”

To celebrate its grand opening, the shop will offer 10% off select products for the month of August, including fixed-gear bikes from State Bicycle Co. and boards from Artie’s Longboards.

The shop offers an “open-door policy” when it comes to repairs. Unlike many of its competitors, State Rideshop will attempt to fix any bike or board, regardless of the make, model or damage. Flat tire repair, tune-ups and replacements for damaged or stolen parts start at $10.

“A lot of local shops really talk down to customers who bring their bikes in for service,” says Ferguson. “Sadly, we hear this everyday from our customers, ‘XYZ shop scoffed at me because my bike is from Walmart.’ We service anyone’s bike…We really have an open-door policy and it’s shocking that other shops don’t share that feeling. We are here to keep all commuters moving, and we want to make it easy and fun.”

Ferguson says that they may expand to other cities. When the school year starts, they plan to host events and organize rides and races at ASU.

“At the end of the day, ASU campus is huge, and it’s where our hearts are as alumni,” says Ferguson. “We’re focused on serving our customers the transportation they need, servicing the transportation they already have, and having a ton of cool products to live their life in.”

State Rideshop
922 E. Apache Boulevard, Tempe
Monday-Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., Sunday 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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