Screen Clean: Ridding Yourself of the Clutter on All of Your Devices and Inboxes


All right, it’s the middle of the semester and you’re starting to feel the burden of going to class and carrying around all your notes from September.

Your phone is filled to the brim with pictures of pages you meant to read in between classes because you didn’t the night before.

You’re probably wondering how in the world you’ll ever clean out all of these devices and email? Fear not—we’ve got your back.

Yes we know, those old essays might be useful one day soon, but more likely than not, they won’t be necessary. If you really do want to keep them, put them in a carefully labeled and placed folder. If you keep saving everything to your desktop, you’ll get stressed and overwhelmed before you even begin that new 15 page paper! If the just the words “recycle bin” sends shivers down your back. Back that ish up! Sign up for Dropbox and you’ll have access to it anywhere and everywhere. Plus, it won’t take up precious space on your computer.

We originally meant freeing up space, but a quick wipe-down of your screen should probably happen too. Nope—go back and use an antibacterial wipe. Okay, thank you. Now look to see which apps are using up your memory. Most of the time, a quick cleaning of your photo album will do the trick but check for unusually large storages of text and iMessages. You and your friends send screenshots to each other all the time and this is really taking up unnecessary space. DELETE.

FOLDERS, FOLDERS, FOLDERS. Yes, those emails from your professors may come in handy one day should you have to prove to your professor that you did actually turn in that assignment on time, but they’re clouding up your inbox and leaving you overwhelmed. Assign all your emails to folders. When you go digging through it all, it’ll be easier to find and your mind will be at peace knowing that everything is neat and tidy giving you a little extra energy to finish out the semester.




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