Savvy Scholarships: A Lecture on Finding More Scholarships


Having sleep apnea, being tall and having an interest in working with corpses all have something in common: if one of these things applies to you, then there may be a scholarship out there for you.

Scholarships are a way to help make the ever-increasing price of college more affordable. There are a lot of opportunities out there, although you have to devote some time to finding and applying to them.

Personally, I am plagued by sleep apnea, so I applied to one related to that. Essentially, I had to write an essay about my experience with it and how getting a machine helped me. The essay got a little personal, as you will probably notice some scholarships do.

There are many great scholarship websites where you can make an account and include all your interests so that they can send you newsletters that are very specific to you and ones that you also qualify for, because as you may have already noticed, some scholarships have very specific criteria. Some of the websites are Fastweb Scholarship and Niche, which is very fittingly named.

On Niche, you can apply for a scholarship that is odd simply because of how laidback it is. It’s called the “No Essay” Scholarship and it’s as easy as making an account and filling out a little bit of information about yourself. They have one every month, so there’s a chance for you to win $2,000 each time!

On websites such as Niche, you can search scholarships that span a wide range. I went to the website to look at some the diverse categories. One of the categories quickly caught my eye—“Ukulele.” This category, for example, included two different scholarships: “Stillman Kelley National Instrumental Awards” and the “Ukulele Festival Hawaii’s College Scholarship Program”.

Or if you’re filled with knowledge about where you live, you can take surveys and with each one you complete, you’re entered for another chance to win scholarship money. One like this is the “$1,000 Local Survey Scholarship” from Niche. You can also go to places like ScholarshipPoints, in which you earn points to be entered into a scholarship application by doing things like taking surveys and playing trivia games.

I tried searching a couple of random words to see if any interesting scholarships came up. When I searched “comic book scholarships” a surprising amount of options came up.One that caught my eye was on Unigo and required that an applicant answer “Which superhero or villain would you want to change places with for a day and why?” (By the way, if you’re interested in that scholarship, it isn’t due until June 30th, 2016!)

We all have interests and hobbies that make us unique and I would suggest simply searching one of yours with the word scholarship at the end and odds are, you’ll be able to turn that pastime into a chance to get money for school!

I’ll let you know whether I got the sleep apnea scholarship once I find out!



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