Record Store Day 2018 Special Releases Staff Picks


Hundreds of limited-run RSD releases will show up on record store shelves across the country for one day only, forcing people to get off their couch, dig for rare records and possibly interact with other humans. You won’t find these titles on Amazon Prime, people, so get out there and support your local independent record store. We combed through the list of releases and got real nostalgic. Here are a few of our highlights.

Warning Device (10th Anniversary Edition), Teenage Bottlerocket, LP, 350 copies
“As a pop-punk kid who came of age in the 2000s, I’m hopelessly, pathetically drawn to albums like this. It is fast and fun and reminds me what it felt like to be that awkward teenager who spent every weekend driving to shows with his friends.” –Wayne Schutsky, Staff Writer


They’re All Gonna Laugh At You!, Adam Sandler, 2 x LP, 3,325 copies
“Before comedy albums were cool outside of Weird Al Yankovic, Adam Sandler was so completely before his time. To this day, my friends and I still quote the songs and comedy sketches from this album. It was my rated R in a PG-13 world.”
–Tuesday Mahrle, Digital Project Coordinator


Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, The Sundays, LP, 3,000 copies “The Sundays are, in my opinion, one of the more underrated dream pop bands of the 1990s – or ever. With memorable cuts like ‘Here’s Where the Story Ends’ and ‘Can’t Be Sure,’ this 1990 debut is essential listening in the group’s discography.”
–Connor Dziawura, Staff Writer


Knock Yer Block Off!, Sloppy Seconds, LP, 500 copies
“Sloppy Seconds and I are both from Indianapolis, and I spent my high school years going to their shows at dive punk clubs around town. Their guitarist, a huge guy named Roadkill, stage dove once and landed on top of me, giving me a concussion. I’ve had this album on CD for years, but getting it on vinyl would be a better nostalgia kick.” –Niki D’Andrea, Executive Editor


Lights of Home, U2, 12-inch vinyl, 5,000 copies
“My parents are fans of U2 and forced it on me from a young age so I have loved them for as long as I can remember. Bono has a smooth and beautiful voice that would sound great on vinyl.” –Matt McClure, Editorial Intern



Sha Sha, Ben Kweller, LP, 1,200 copies
“This early-2000’s indie classic is reminiscent of Weezer and Ben Lee, but make no mistake; Kweller’s got a voice of his own. Add this vinyl to your collection for a flashback to your teenage angst as he sings about “being maxed out like a credit card” and “don’t bother me when I’m watching Planet of the Apes on TV.”
–Carson Mlnarik, Staff Writer


Illmatic: Live From The Kennedy Center, NAS, 2 x LP, 5,000 copies
“Decidedly one of the most illustrious albums in the history of hip-hop. Live. On vinyl. Name a more iconic trio. I’ll wait.”
–Madison Rutherford, Editor



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