Putting Your Best Foot Forward: 14 Tips on Starting Conversations and Making Friends in College


It can be hard to make friends in college. People are busier than ever and often too stressed to strike up conversations in class. While making friends can be difficult in these circumstances, it is not impossible. There is still hope for finding a friend (and maybe even a significant other) during your years in school. Here are some tips to help you start off the year right and get to know the people on your campus.

1. Start a study group
During the first week of class, find a few people to exchange numbers with in case someone misses a day or you want to get together and study some time. Bam! Now you have contacts and possibly future friends.

2. Plan a game night
Dorms are a great place to meet people. Think about hosting a movie night or game night on your floor and see who shows up!

3. Join a club
Getting involved in a club centered on something you’re interested in is a great way to meet people with similar interests. Whether it’s an intramural sports team or chess club, you’re sure to find people who share your interests.

4. Start a club
If you can’t find a club you’d like to join, start one! Plan activities that will bring together other like-minded students and go from there.

5. Don’t eat alone
If you go to eat at the dining hall, don’t go alone! Invite people you’ve met in your classes or ask on your school’s social media platform if anyone wants to meet up and get food with you. It’s worth a shot.

6. Don’t be afraid to invite acquaintances to do things with you
Even if you just met someone, if you have their number, invite them to go out and do things with you! It might seem awkward, but it’s not. Everyone is trying to make friends.

7. Greek life
If your school has Greek life, look into a sorority or fraternity that fits your personality and give it a chance.

8. Talk to your coworkers
If you have an on-campus job, converse with your coworkers. You can bond over your shared work experiences and you might become good friends.

9. Go to a game
Actually attend sporting events. Find the student section and meet others who are cheering for your school’s team as much as you are. School spirit can be a bonding force.

10. Say “yes” more often
If someone invites you to go do something, say yes. It’s better than sitting alone in your dorm room.

11. Find a workout buddy
Find someone who will go to the gym with you. Now you can get fit while also making a friend.

12. Explore more
Check out restaurants and activities off campus and take people with you. Find people who also want to check out the area and go! It’s more fun to explore with a group than to go alone.

13. Have small talk ready to go
Prepare some questions or discussion points to have on hand for when you first meet people. Questions can include: “What major are you?,” “What dorm do you live in?” and “Where are you from?”

14. Go to campus events
Even if they’re lame. And invite some of your new-found acquaintances to go with you.

However you go about making friends, make sure to be yourself and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.


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