Oddball presents for the pop culture nerd


Whether naughty or nice this year, the pop culture nerd in your life will be craving something a little “different” this holiday. Pop culture gifts are plentiful, and the finding the one that will satisfy your friend’s love for the popular shows, movies, music, and modern-day culture is bound to be a fun and hilarious shopping endeavor.

"The Walking Dead" Trivia Game Courtesy toywhiz.com

“The Walking Dead” Trivia Game

Walking Dead” Trivia Game For those die-hard fans of “The Walking Dead,” this trivia game is the perfect test of zombie knowledge. See if they truly know everything about this popular TV series. This game is for two or more players, so they’ll have to grab other obsessed friends to test their ability to survive the apocalyptic world. The game includes more than 400 trivia questions, so they should answer the questions or take a walk—but not become a “walker.”




"Haters Gonna Hate/"Shake it Off" Tumbler Courtesy Etsy.com

“Haters Gonna Hate/”Shake it Off” Tumbler

“Haters Gonna Hate”/”Shake it Off” Tumbler Your friends may not admit it, but you know they are closeted Taylor Swift fans. Who isn’t? With her new album, 1989, a chart-topping record, Swift will blow your friend away. And besides, who wouldn’t want to carry around a personalized mason jar? The mason jars are printed with the lyrics from her songs “Shake It Off” and “Haters Gonna Hate.” These tumblers are handmade items that feature18 different lid colors. Let those haters hate, and shake it off with a “swifty” tumbler.




Ryan Gosling 2015 Calendar Courtesy amazon.com

Ryan Gosling 2015 Calendar

Ryan Gosling 2015 Calendar Hey girl, 2015 is coming up fast. It’s not too early to purchase a 2015 calendar for your friend. Ryan Gosling may have a girlfriend and baby-mama in Eva Mendes, but that shouldn’t stop you from hanging his utter perfection your wall. What girl wouldn’t want to wake up to this man candy? It’s OK ladies, drooling is totally kosher.







Okay? Okay. Necklace Courtesy Etsy.com

Okay? Okay. Necklace

Okay? Okay. Necklace If you have a friend that likes to wear necklaces and also likes the book and movie “Fault in Our Stars,” this is the perfect gift. This handmade necklace is made special when you order it because you can choose from a from a 16-inch or 18-inch chain that will include a heart shape charm and another charm in the shape of a circle with the words “Okay? Okay.” engraved on it. The fans of this book and movie will know the insider’s secret to the “Okay? Okay.” reference.






"Star Trek" Inflatable Captain's ChairCourtesy startrek.com

“Star Trek” Inflatable Captain’s Chair

Star Trek Inflatable Captain’s Chair The Trekkie in your life and now sit in the Captain’s Chair. Awww yiss. Blow it up, take a seat and enjoy your reign as the coolest captain in sci-fi.







"Dexter" "Ice Truck Killer" Thumb DriveCourtesy customusb.com

“Dexter” “Ice Truck Killer” Thumb Drive

Long before “Dexter” took a turn for the worse, we would have given it a thumbs up. So does this flash drive. Fans of “Dexter” can now save all their class papers on an “Ice Truck Killer” thumb drive. Get ready to freak out your fellow classmates, because this thumb drive takes the literal a bit too far.





"The Unofficial Hunger Games Book" Courtesy amazon.com

“The Unofficial Hunger Games Book”

Don’t go hungry! Be a Katniss Everdeen in the kitchen. If you have a friend who loves to cook, this cookbook will make the difference in kitchen survival. Filled with more than 150 recipes inspired by “The Hunger Games” Trilogy, it’s time to see what your friends can cook up!





"I'm All About That Bass" Sweatshirt Courtesy Thuglifeshirts.com

“I’m All About That Bass” Sweatshirt

Yes, that’s right. The popular 2014 song “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor has made its way onto a sweatshirt. This way, all of society is clear on your musical preferences. We kid. What isn’t about backsides of girls these days? Watch your friend proudly stroll the streets wearing this metaphorical “I’m All About That Bass” sweatshirt.







"Sons of Anarchy" Redwood Original Hat Courtesy Shop.fxnetworks.com

“Sons of Anarchy” Redwood Original Hat

Vroom, vroom! Bang, bang! This black and grey hat will drive the “Sons of Anarchy” fan in your life into the fast lane. The FX Shop site for the “Sons of Anarchy” is home to a variety of other fan-tastic products for the show, too.Shop.fxnetworks.com, $20


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