Peer Professional: Jennifer Hudye


When asked at 9:30 a.m. how her morning was going, Jennifer Hudye responded with an enthusiastic, “It’s going amazing. It’s going so good. I got in an awesome workout and then I taught a fitness class and now I’m launching a program and then I’m going to do a little homework before class at 12.”

Typical morning for a college senior, right? Yeah, we’re laughing, too.

After growing up in Saskatchewan, Canada, the 22-year-old decided to go to ASU for the warm weather and the W.P. Carey School of Business to major in business management with a focus in entrepreneurship. Describing herself as “very goal-oriented and focused,” Hudye had set a goal for herself years ago to start a business in college and then run it as a sustaining, fulltime business by the time she graduates from college. Her graduation date in December was a kick in the butt to get started.

“Like most businesses, it started off with a personal experience,” says Hudye. “I’ve always been into fitness. I’ve been a group fitness instructor for five years and I’ve always been passionate about my own fitness and helping other people with fitness, but I’ve always struggled, especially the first two years of college, with really achieving those physical results that I wanted.”

Hudye tried every program out there, diets, energy and weight-loss pills, organic fruit from Africa, etc. If the program worked, it was only temporary and she was getting discouraged.

In the summer of 2013, Hudye was beyond frustrated—tired of not seeing the results she wanted, she was also sick of not being happy with herself, physically and mentally. So she set out to compete in body building. She dedicated all of her time to eating cleaning and exercising and got “ripped,” but didn’t set a goal for how she wanted to feel. She had achieved her physical goal, but her life was completely lopsided to get there.

Deciding that she needed to find balance, she sought out a coach who would help her.

“I hired on a few different coaches that told me they could help me with it and they just gave me cookie-cutter plans that I didn’t feel aligned with the lifestyle that I had.”

Hudye then attended a personal development and marketing conference and it was there that she had an epiphany.

“I [realized that I have]all the knowledge in order to create my own program for myself, so why don’t I start doing that? So I created a program for myself initially and started seeing awesome results. Then I had different women coming to me and saying, ‘What are you doing and can you start coaching me?’”

The more people she helped, the more she wanted to help. She started working on her first program, The Strong Mind, Sexy Body Blueprint. Unlike other programs of its type, this one focuses on four aspects of one’s life: nutrition, exercise, wellbeing and mindset. From this, her business organically formed.

The main core of Hudye’s business is that her programs aren’t just about the physical results. Participants make mental and emotional goals as well, so that they work toward becoming their best selves, not just having their best body.

Now her business, LifeBalance Coach, has evolved into more than just one program, it’s a lifestyle.

“I create holistic, online programs for women to help them achieve a life of balance and happiness and to teach them how to set goals and then create programs to help them achieve those goals,” she says.

It seems impossible for Hudye to do it all—teach fitness classes, stay on top of schoolwork, run a business and take the time to be a typical 22-year-old and hang out with friends.

So how is she able to balance it all?

“I feel I’m able to do it all because I’m super clear of my ‘why.’ My ‘why’ is that I want to help young women so freaking bad to create the best version of themselves and their life. It makes it so easy for me to push myself and go for it because it’s working toward a much bigger purpose than myself.”

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