Partying with a Purpose: The 2Courtiers Capitalize on Festival Economics


Lyle Maxson and Sam Wiseman, otherwise known as the 2Courtiers, have always had a major interest in entertainment. Wiseman studied music throughout his life, while Maxson spent the majority of his youth attending festivals and concerts.

The two met in 2013 while interning at College Times and hit it off. Maxson and Wiseman left the magazine and began promoting events for Relentless Beats. The two young men had their pulses on the burgeoning music festival scene.

“We got into it because we see music festivals as being the biggest engines for social change,” Wiseman says.

The 2Courtiers saw their roles at Relentless Beats expanding and teamed up to devise a six-month marketing plan that they could present to CEO Thomas Turner.

“He loved our ideas, but told us it would be too costly,” Maxson reveals.

The rejection wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. The two pals kicked things into overdrive and set out in search of sponsorships and vendors. Initially, the duo worked from home or rented conference rooms—just about any place they could find to devise plans for a prized festival.

“We even worked from my ex-girlfriend’s house until she kicked us out,” says Wiseman with a laugh.

At the end of the six months, Maxson and Wiseman garnered $15,000 in sponsors and vendors for the Wet Electric 2015 event.

“They (Relentless Beats) took notice and rewarded us with offices of our own,” Maxson says.

That summer, the duo traveled to eight different EDM festivals in 10 weeks to generate leads and make connections—all paid for by Relentless Beats. Maxson and Wiseman tapped top brands looking to sponsor ideas of innovative folks in the ever-growing festival world, according to Maxson.

Festival Fashion

The two left Relentless Beats to become contractors for the company after 16 months and formed the 2Courtiers. They organize the festivals, except for the music. For Decadence 2015, the 2Courtiers had stilt walkers, a giant artwalk with painters, an oxygen bar and a lounge equipped with bean bags and fur blankets.

Some of their clients include EDC New York, EDC Las Vegas and Groove Cruise. Wiseman said they are able to tap into all the resources and maximize their ingenuity.

“A lot of it comes naturally because of our knowledge of the festival scene, but we definitely keep each other on a book diet,” he says about their reading habits. “All the marketing managers are in their 40s and 50s trying to market to the millennials, but we are the millennials.”

For its next event, the 2Courtiers will host The Festival Fashion show at Live on Central on Friday, May 20. Normally, they come in as independent contractors for other festivals, but Festival Fashion is their first branded event.

“All the partners we use to bring into larger mainstream festivals, we’re bringing into a club show now,” Maxson says. “So it’s like a festival in a club.”

The musical talents will include local turntablists like DJ Geronimo and DJ Pokoj. There will also be clothing sponsors, a hookah lounge, massage therapy, flow artists practicing object manipulation and two separate flash mob fashion shows.

“We wanted to do it the opposite of how everyone else does,” Wiseman says.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit Cadence and Cause to help create Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s first music therapy program.

Festival Fashion, Live on Central, 702 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix,, 9 p.m. Friday, May 20, $15


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