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Sloshed Locals Seek Snail Mail Revival

Published: Friday, November 2, 2012

Updated: Thursday, November 8, 2012 18:11

Drunk Postcards

Adrian Lesoing

Drunk Postcards creators, Adam Binetti, Shawn Keeler, and Jason Ervin.


We’ve all had those nights when nonstop partying leads to what seems like deep contemplation with friends that more than often than not get forgotten within the next couple of hours. But sometimes those inspired drunken moments can be somewhat productive, fun and profitable.

Drunk Postcards, one of the Valley’s newest humor-based business ventures, is the brain child of one such productive night. Drunk Postcards cofounder Shawn Keeler and a few close friends came up with the idea after the topic of a night of merriment’s dialogue turned to junk mail.

“The idea started within our own group of friends, and we were talking about how annoying junk mail was,” says Keeler. “Junk mail sounded like ‘drunk mail’ with our slurred talk and we thought, ‘Wait, that sounds interesting.’”

The company seeks to put a smile on people’s face by allowing people to choose from a bevy of novelty postcards to send to anyone they want. The humorous and crude messages and designs (clearly designed to entertain inebriated customers) are what make these postcards unique.

“The process of designing the drunk postcards involves the three [co-founders],” says Keeler. “We usually have an email chain of ideas going to each other, and we have a guy that is a graphic designer who actually creates them.”

According to the business website, “Drunk Postcards began making their way across the country from friend to friend expressing important sentiments like ‘I love you’ and drunk sentiments like ‘I think I lost my wallet.’ Drunk Postcards is our way of creating postcards that reflect the spontaneous nature of our handwritten messages and also to share our postcarding revolution with the world.”

“We’ve been seeing a lot more men and women 25 to 35 years old buy our postcards,” says Keeler about their main demographic. “Professionals also love them, and we see that most of our customers are ones with values that align with what we do.”

“We’ve been going out to bars to promote it though,” says Keeler. “And there is a huge potential for a college-aged demographic. If you’re ever too lazy to talk to someone, just send them a Drunk Postcard.”

Drunk Postcards, having been only founded 4 months ago, also has its own page, a website that is similar to Kickstarter in platform where people can help raise funds to expand the business and its mission to produce funny postcards for all.

“I love the hilarity of it all,” says Keeler about his job. “It’s a cool thing to work on; my wife doesn’t believe it is real work because it’s so funny. It’s just overall very fun, and it feels like being a kid again.”

For more information on Drunk Postcards and how you can send them to the people you care about, visit and


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