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Nighttime Nosh Serves PHX’s Stranded, Drunk and Lazy

Published: Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Updated: Thursday, September 20, 2012 15:09

Nighttime Nosh

Tiera Allen

Gerson Cedillos and Maddie Garney are currently the owners and sole employees of Nighttime Nosh

It’s a tough spot to be in at two in the morning – inebriated, hungry and nowhere to go. For the night owls of the east Valley, there is a new late night delivery service in Tempe that comes to you with a solution that doesn’t require you leaving the comfort of your couch.

Can you imagine the convenience of a convenience store on wheels? Gerson Cedillos and Maddie Garney could. So the couple created Nighttime Nosh, a store that delivers to your door.

“We are both big night owls, and here in Phoenix there is really nothing open that offers everything for delivery,” Cedillos said. “You can get pizza, but you can’t cigarettes or condoms or toilet paper.”

Nighttime Nosh carries an assortment of items that can be of use to the stranded, the drunk or the lazy. An online menu includes pre-packaged good like Digiorno frozen pizzas, microwavable items like White Castle Cheeseburgers, Hot Pockets and spicy chicken sandwiches. Other items include candy bars, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, soda and other beverages, assorted cigarettes and tobacco items, and toiletries such as toilet paper, condoms and Advil.

Aside from food and necessities, Cedillos and Garney have created a $5 beer pong set to sell to customers for less than what you could get it at the store.

Nighttime Nosh opened for business on August 29 and currently, it’s just Cedillos and Garney running the show. Working out of a warehouse in Tempe where they store all their goods, Garney answers the phone and takes the orders, while Cedillos loads up his vehicle with orders and makes deliveries across the east Valley to the munchie-stricken and needy.

“The best feeling is the feedback from people,” Garney said. “That makes us feel good about the company. People are just surprised that there is a company like us out there.”

A big push for the delivery service, Cedillos said, is that it’s good for those that have been drinking and shouldn’t really drive anywhere.

“We want to try and help people stay out of trouble and avoid getting [a] DUI for some cigarettes,” Cedillos said.

To spread word about the company, the duo hit campus and nearby neighborhoods with flyers and menus, but Nighttime Nosh isn’t for just college students. A lot of times, customers are people who work at nearby hospitals or hotels, who can’t really leave to get a snack. Nighttime Nosh is also a useful service for people who need assistance and can’t easily leave their home for basic needs.

“There is really nothing like it in Tempe,” Cedillos said.

Late night delivery places are scattered here and there across Tempe, but the owners argue that these place are usually unreliable, take a long time and are sometimes sketchy.

“We are all about customer service,” Garney said. “We really just want it to be quick and easy for the customer.”

For a delivery fee of $2 and a $10 minimum order, Nighttime Nosh operates under a delivery radius of six miles that covers the entire ASU area, all of Tempe and parts of south Scottsdale. But for $3 and a bigger order, Cedillos and Garney will deliver outside of the radius.

Currently, all the food sold by Nighttime Nosh is pre-packaged and frozen items but once the company is a little more established, Cedillos would like to add a hot foods menu and acquire a liquor license to be able to sell and deliver beer and wine.

But right now there is no rush. Having only been in operation for a few weeks, they are still focused on spreading the word about the company.

“We count success one day at a time,” he said. “As long orders keep coming in, we are happy.”

 Nighttime Nosh, 480.656.4593,

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