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Local Fashion Advisor Gives Hot Tips for Summer

Published: Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Updated: Friday, July 20, 2012 14:07

Alexandra Evjen has helped men and women navigate the fashion world since she started AVE Styles in 2010.

Using her fashion know-how she has helped style editorial shoots, pick out flattering outfits for family portraits and teach people how to complete an outfit to fit any style.

“I just wanted to help men and women feel more confident in their clothes,” said Evjen, whose services include virtual and in-person styling sessions.

More than two years after starting AVE Styles, Evjen has more than 1 million followers on Pinterest, an online tool that allows users to stay up to date on her latest fashion picks. With a following that big, her fashion advice matters.

Evjen dishes out her tips for the upcoming season, including what bandwagons you shouldn’t jump on and how to look stylish even as the heat rises.

College Times: What are some must haves for the season for women and men?

Alexandra Evjen: Definitely anything in coral or mint green — those are the hot colors this summer and spring. Colored denim is really hot right now, and I think it will continue to be that way for a while so people can invest in some colored denim if they haven’t already. A great maxi skirt, those will continue to be popular. It can be pleated or not pleated, but it should be chiffon, light and flowy. For men I would say boat shoes. Men’s fashion is classic, it’s all about fit and never really about the trend. Sure bow ties and skinny ties happen, but it’s all about buying clothes that fit your body well.

Neon is starting to be big. How can you incorporate that trend into your wardrobe without looking like you’re straight from the ‘80s?

I like to accessorize with neon, especially neon belts. Those are great pops of color. If you want to make a bigger statement, add a chunky statement necklace.

As the temperature heats up, what is a go-to accessory?

Oh, I hate the heat. I stay true to my trusty denim cut-off shorts; those go with everything. But as far as simple accessories that aren’t expensive there are so many great floppy hats out there that could quickly take a maxi dress to another level or you could wear with your swimsuit at the pool. Color blocking is so happening, so even having colorful shoes with a simple ensemble is a great way to draw attention.

What’s going to be stylish when kicking it poolside this summer?

Your bathing suit can be a really great accessory. Right now a micro trend is wearing bra tops and body suits with maxis skirts, so your bathing suit can act like that. It can be a cute bra top with a maxi shirt or put a crochet or lace top over your swimsuit and go shopping and have that fun beach look.

What are some trends that you love right now?

I’m tall, so I’m really excited about the maxi dresses and maxi skirts. I love taking an oxford or button-up shirt and tying it at the waist. It’s just a way to look a little more feminine and also show off your figure, if you are curvy it’s more flattering. I love bright lipstick. I think it’s a cheerful and happy accessory, especially if you have a great smile.

What are some trends you are avoiding?

I’m staying away from cropped tops. I don’t think that they look good on everyone. If you have a great body sure, but for the average Joe, crop tops probably not. Also, putting a ton of jewelry on. It looks cool for photos, but it’s not functional when you’re typing on the computer or writing with a pen — it just doesn’t work. Also, taking the neon to the eyes and doing neon liquid liners. Those are great for editorial looks if you are doing a photo shoot, but for everyday life it’s a little much.

What stores should readers check out?

I love Frances [Vintage] in Phoenix. They have great accessories and great clothes. I’m also a big shopper of Buffalo Exchange. I know it’s a chain, but I’ve gone to the one by [the Tempe] campus and the one in Phoenix and you can find trendy things for low prices. 

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