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Krewella Find Success in the EDM Friendly Blogosphere

Published: Thursday, September 13, 2012

Updated: Friday, September 14, 2012 14:09


Nikko Lamere

It was a fateful tumble down a flight of stairs that brought Jahan Yousaf, Yasmine Yousaf and Kris Trindl together. Collectively known as Krewella, the electronic music trio met at a party in high school and has since launched into EDM stardom.

“I was partying and I saw Jahan falling down the stairs,” said Trindl, aka Rainman. “We started making music together after that, just for fun.”

Fast forward five years and the party has not let up, except now the group is spreading it to the masses.

Sisters Jahan and Yasmine sing and write lyrics while Trindl produces the music.

The unique dynamic has really hit a chord with audiences who dig Krewella’s brand of dubstep-infused electronic music layered with Jahan and Yasmine’s catchy vocals. But be careful when you try to pigeonhole the trio into being solely a dubstep group, because Trindl will tell you Krewella’s repertoire includes so much more.

“We play a lot of dubstep songs, so it makes sense to say we’re called a dubstep trio,” Trindl said. “But we draw inspiration from so many things that we are playing anything from progressive house songs to moombahton songs, and its exciting to be able to do all that.”

Every track on the bands debut EP, Jahan said, embodies a different subgenre of EDM.

“Thanks to the internet, we grew up on a plethora of genres,” Jahan said in a press release. “Krewella is basically a product of the music that we were raised on, ranging from pop to punk to metal.”

“We play whatever we’re feeling, as long as it has to do with politics,” Trindl jokes.

Jokes aside, the group members are excited for all the attention they’ve been getting and have embraced their full schedule of shows while preparing to record a full-length album.

Earlier this year Krewella released their Play Hard EP on the electronic music superstore and DJ community Beatport, where the band went viral in a matter of days. The EP was received with resounding praise from music bloggers and social media followers.

“Our roots as a band are in blogs,” Jahan said. “From day one our manager has set us up with blogs, from big ones to small ones. We have been all about that and we appreciate the support we get from them. It’s a great way to spread the music.”

Social media has played a major role in Krewella’s success, allowing them to directly communicate with their fans and talk about their music.

“We really like to keep in contact with our fans,” Jahan said.

“The best part is that the girls are always telling me they have no friends but on the road,” Trindl adds. “The people out here are their friends.”

Krewella, Wild Knight, 4405 N. Saddlebag Trail, Scottsdale, 480.213.9500, Friday, September 14, 10 p.m., $15



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