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My First Time… going to Moonshine Whiskey Bar & Grill


I am not a fan of Mill Avenue. Weird, I know. What college student doesn’t like Mill Ave?  Every time my friends want to go out they usually want to take a walk down Mill and check out all the bars. Of course, I am not of fan of going and usually skip out. Then one day my friend mentioned a country bar called Moonshine Whiskey Bar & Grill. Being a girl who loves country music and dancing, I talked myself into going to check it out.

When my friend and I got there, the security people checked our ID’s, and I walked through the doors with my shorts and cowboy boots on.

The only thing I expected was that there was going to be loud country music playing, people drinking alcohol and some good old country dancing. There was country music playing and people drinking, but I was surprised to see so few people on the dance floor.

As the night went on, things started to pick up. More and more people went out on the dance floor and people gathered in their groups. One of the things that I thought was really neat was that they actually have guys there whose main job is to get people on the dance floor and teach them to dance. I thought that was a really cool idea and it got me on the dance floor, too. They taught me so many moves. They spun me around until I got dizzy and did what I can only describe as full-on trust exercises, where they would dip me low to the ground.

You can’t have a country bar without a mechanical bull. I was feeling adventurous that night, even with no alcohol in me (I don’t drink), and I decided I wanted to try riding it. The good thing was it was free, so even if I wasn’t good at it I wasn’t wasting my money. The thing that I thought was weird about the mechanical bull was that there was no line. I was expecting there to be a big line, especially since it was free.

I have to admit I was a little nervous to ride the bull. Heck, it was hard hoisting myself on the thing. Once I was on, I held onto the rope and waited anxiously for it to start. Once it started it really wasn’t that bad. Maybe that’s just because I had it on a low setting. I was too scared to take on the fast setting right off the bat.

Going to Moonshine Whiskey Bar & Grill was so much fun! It was definitely a place I will visit again. The atmosphere is great and the people you meet are nice. And if you don’t have a dance partner, don’t worry—those boys will sweep you off your feet.


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