My College Experience: What I learned about myself at ASU


Thalia M. España • College Times

In college, I began the journey of discovering myself. I learned so much about the world around me as I sought to find my place in it.

I learned more about who I truly am. I came out of my shell, unveiling hidden talents and skills that were waiting to bloom along with me. I discovered my true passions as they only fueled my desire to further pursue my dreams.

I am an artist. I am a writer. A storyteller. Videographer. Photographer. Fashion designer. I am expressive. Ambitious. Hard working. Creative. This is who I am, and who I learned I was meant to be. I didn’t exactly know what to expect when I first started my college journey, but these were the doors of opportunity that opened for me during my time here (doors I didn’t even know existed). I learned such a vast set of skills that I didn’t know I had in me, and I am proud of how far I have come because of it.

My art and fashion skills were brought to life, which only ignited bigger dreams in me. I have met some of the most incredible people from being in my fashion classes, fashion clubs and fashion internships. I learned about this whole new world of people who are just like me: creatives, artists, thinkers. Everything became much more exciting after that. Fashion became my core, and it has led me to have so many amazing opportunities. In college, I learned that fashion is my greatest passion. It is my purpose. My time here is only just the beginning for that pathway set before me.

College is a pivotal point in life that makes you think about where you will be in the future or at least where you want to go. In college, a hobby became more than that in the middle of my time here. I never expected that I would become a part of the fashion world as much as I have now. That was not my plan, but I learned that I didn’t need to have it all planned out. Now, as I am about to graduate, I have learned I still don’t need to know 100%. It’s OK if you don’t know because you never know what life will hit you with. In college, it hit me with my calling unexpectedly.

I also discovered that my time in college represents more than just being a college student. It represents my motivation. It represents my family. It represents my roots. It represents struggles. It represents good times and bad times. It represents cold nights and the hot summers. It feels good to say that I became empowered through my education. It feels good to say that I am an educated Latina, an educated Mexican American, and that I am not the statistic of failure expected of me. It represents who and what I am doing this for.

Seeking a higher education has empowered me. It has taught me the importance of doing so. My college experience set a path for me to find my voice and my place in this world, and I feel stronger because of it.

As I get ready to graduate and reflect on all my hard work, all the tired nights, all the fun, opening experiences, all the people I’ve met, all my supporters along the way… I hold one of my favorite lyrics close to my heart:

“No te olvides nunca, que eres poderosa.”

(Never forget that you are powerful.) CT


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