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Yellow Minute Responds to Ladylike’s Smack Talk with More Fightin’ Words

Published: Thursday, September 6, 2012

Updated: Friday, September 7, 2012 14:09

Yellow Minute

Courtesy of band

Yellow Minute

Shots were figuratively fired last month when Ladylike’s Austin Owen opened up to College Times about the bitter rivalry between them and fellow local band Yellow Minute. The two bands will face each other this Friday in the ring that is Crescent Ballroom.

It all started with Owen flat out taking shots at Yellow Minute.

“We would like Yellow Minute if they weren’t such assholes,” Owen said. “I hope we never have to share another greenroom with them again. Thank god it’s not a yellow hour.”

Needless to say, Sean Brennan from Yellow Minute was not impressed.

“They’re probably a little jealous of how righteous and friendly we are,” Brennan said.

While Brennan said he was not hurt by the comments, he was still pretty ticked.

“Ladylike is a great band, and we think they’re great,” Brennan said. “They play homage to Bowie and Queen pretty well, but Austin is a drunk and when he’s drunk he does these outlandish things that piss us off.”

Owen’s antics have even cost him money. Brennan was unloading gear from their last show when Owen kicked his amp into a curb. It’s still being repaired, but Brennan said it will be ready just in time for the showdown. 

“It seems every time we want to do something with those guys they make it difficult or they make it a competition where they have to make the flyers say, ‘Us versus them,’” Brennan said. “We just want to have a good time, but they’re just such assholes about it.”

Brennan is a very Zen man when he’s not playing in a rock band. He’s a yoga instructor and self-proclaimed pacifist.

“We’re pretty passive, but we’re angry,” Brennan said. “We’re really angry.”

Owen allegedly asked Brennan for yoga tips, which he gave willingly. However, Owen couldn’t cut it.

“He’ tall, he’s lanky, he needs to breathe more and he smokes too many cigarettes,” Brennan said. “He’s a dick.”

Rather than have an all-out rumble, Yellow Minute plans on rising above Ladylike with their live set this week.

“We’re going to play so well by the time Ladylike plays the crowd will probably be disinterested,” Brennan said. “They will be like, ‘Wow they did what Ladylike does with four people and it was more fun.’”

Apart from the animosity between Ladylike and Yellow Minute, Brennan said he is a fan of the Phoenix scene as a whole.

“The music scene in Phoenix is incredible,” he said. “It’s unbelievable how much talent is here, but it seems like their talent is limited to the amount of exposure Phoenix offers unless the band is willing to tour constantly.”

Yellow Minute was previously the name for Brennan’s solo work but currently features members from Dear and the Headlights and What Laura Says. This new line-up consisting of PJ Waxman (lead guitar), David Maroney (bass), Greg Muller (drums) and Brennan (guitar, piano, vocals) has resulted in a real collaborative effort.

The band plans on recording a new album in November so they will start limiting the amount of live shows they play before then.

“Everything that we play live now is going to be on the record and we have about 15 tracks we haven’t exposed yet. We’re just a writing machine,” Brennan said.

Their style focuses on simplicity and working with the audience’s perspective in mind.

“Our music is kind of directly inspired by how the ocean works,” Brennan said. “We draw a lot of inspiration from surf music and Paul Simon’s Graceland.”


Ladylike w/Yellow Minute, All My Friends, Crescent Ballroom, September 7, 8 p.m., $5 adv, $7 dos

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