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The Wombats Tour America One Frat Party, Marriage Proposal at a Time

Published: Friday, October 5, 2012

Updated: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 16:10

The Wombats

Courtesy of ILG

The Wombats are having the time of their lives in America. They’ve been out drinking with the locals in Ohio, helped a fan propose to his girlfriend, and explored the world beyond Liverpool, England.

The band will turn 10 years old next year but only have two studio albums under their belt. It’s probably because they’ve been touring the majority of the time, but it’s truly what they love to do.

Drummer Dan Haggis chatted with College Times about the rollercoaster that is being a part of The Wombats.

College Times: How’s America treating you?

Dan Haggis: It’s been amazing, actually. It’s our first tour on this album. We’ve spent three months here. We love it, apart from the long drives. People are so friendly and the shows have been really good. It’s kind of exciting ‘cause everything is steadily getting better and better over here. It’s good to see all our hard work is paying off.  We’re from a small city in England, Liverpool, and the fact that a couple hundred people are going to come down and know the words and sing along and have a dance is pretty amazing. We love touring. Ever since we started we just wanted to play live shows so to be able to do that to make a living. We are very lucky.

Do you write on the road?

On the road sometimes in sound checks there’ll be the odd riffs or we’ll all have a jam basically, but in terms of actually, like, finishing off songs and putting them together, it very rarely happens on tour with us. We just don’t have time. It’s so frustrating. Without being too vulgar, it’s like an unfinished uh… sandwich… I actually want to say it’s like masturbating without having an orgasm. It’s really frustrating. I didn’t want to be crude but anyways.

What’s the most American thing you’ve done so far?

The most American thing we’ve done so far is ending up in a sort of frat party, although I don’t think they were part of a frat. It was in Ohio and we had been out drinking after the show and where we were in Columbus it’s just like student accommodations for miles around. So, we just walked off and the first group of people that looked like they were having fun we just kind of crashed the party but in a very polite way. They were very nice. They gave us a beer. It was our first experience of a kind of American house party, which was fun. We’ve obviously stopped in some truck stops in the middle of nowhere and talked to some legendary farmers. People are just so friendly and interested where you come from and what’s going on.

I saw you guys facilitated a marriage proposal.

Fuck yeah, that was insane. That was in Charlotte the other night. We were kind of worried all day how it would turn out and how it would go. Murph (singer, Matthew Murphy) had enough drinks inside him to actually spit it out and it was insane. The reaction was amazing and we gave them a shot of whiskey or something and we got everyone in the room to do a toast to the newly engaged couple. It was actually a very touching moment that I didn’t expect to be that moving. It was great.

Sirius radio picked up on your music early on. 

We’ve toured a lot over here before, but I guess we’ve never had as much radio support as we’re having at the moment. Sirius were the ones that kicked it all off. I think the label was going to start promoting another song and then Sirius started playing “Jump Into the Fog,” and it seems like it’s working really well. You can tell that a lot of people coming to the gigs maybe have only heard “Jump Into the Fog” or a couple other songs. Obviously that’s the whole point of the tour in a way, to convince more and more people that we’re not just one song you hear on the radio.

The Wombats w/Morning Parade, Crescent Ballroom, October 9, 8 p.m., $13 adv, $15 dos

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