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The Dirty Heads Get Really Real, Try to Tell a Joke

Published: Monday, September 10, 2012

Updated: Thursday, September 13, 2012 12:09

The Dirty Heads

Dive Shore Photography

The Dirty Heads

The Dirty Heads are a really serious band and they are very serious about their craft. They are mature, dedicated artists who live for the music and write nothing but prose and poetry.

Actually, they’re a ridiculous reggae band from California with dirty minds and interesting bellies. They are currently on tour with Matisyahu promoting their latest album, Cabin By the Sea, a total feel-good album.

College Times got silly on the phone with singer Jared Watson while the rest of the band giggled in the background.

How has it been touring with Matisyahu?

It going really, really, really good. The way that it came about was organic and natural and it felt right. We’ve been friends for a while and we’ve known him for a long time so it’s familiar for us. It’s just a cool, natural thing. We came up around the same time. He’s a better dancer than I am. That’s annoying.

You guys really seem open with your fans.

As in… i.e.…

You’re open about the music you write, what inspires you, your personal lives.

Oh, well, yeah. We kind of want it to be real. I think there’s a lot of music out there that y’know, I don’t want to say fake, but a little bit exaggerated and that’s fine. There is a time and a place for things that are over the top. I think with our music, for us, we like to be real.

What do fans say about your music and what it means to them?

It was a can of bear mace and rotten tuna fish sandwiches, yesterday. A 5-year-old girl threw a tuna fish sandwich in my face yesterday and then her mom sprayed bear mace and they said, “Why would you do that to us?” I said, “What are you talking about?” They said, “Aren’t you…” I don’t know. I don’t have any jokes. It actually is one of my favorite things when somebody can open up to you and give you not so much a personal story, but you know, “I was going through a hard time, this song really helped me out” or “This album really got me through something.” To know that something you created helped someone in some way is really cool.

That’s a terrible combination.

Tuna fish sandwich sandwiches and bear mace? That’s peanut butter and jelly.

Throw in some barbed wire for garnish?

Exactly. Tampons.

Both of your album titles are connected (Any Port in a Storm and Cabin by the Sea). Are you going to keep the metaphors going with the third album?

I would say most likely we’ll carry it on the next album [and] probably end it after that. 

After that you’re done?

After three, y’know, a trilogy. “Star Wars,” “The Matrix,” “Lord of the Rings,” shitty Dirty Heads albums.

You’re going to end while you’re on top?

I usually end when I’m on the bottom. [makes rimshot noise] Hey-oh! I wouldn’t have said that if you were a dude.


No, that’s gross. Oil up and jizz on everybody else’s balls.

I saw that you have a beautiful little cooking show online with Duddy B (Dustin Bushnell).

We do.

You should share some recipes that college kids should try out.

Do you want to hear the best stoner food that you can possibly ever imagine on the face of the planet that I just came up with like fucking three or four nights ago with Duddy? We were eating pizza and we’re really fucking stoned, and this pizza place for some reason had honey on the table because they have some weird dessert pizza or something. And we didn’t know that’s what it was for but they had honey and they had rooster sauce, like Sriracha, and we took pepperoni pizza and covered it in honey and hot sauce and it was the best thing I’ve ever had in my whole entire life.

Sounds like an explosion.

It was not an explosion in my mouth. That’s not what I’m going to say. I’m going to say it was spicy and at the same time cooling delicious pizza bite, because if I say it was an explosion in my mouth that means you’re talking about other gross stuff.

And is there a drink of choice for the band as well?
Cyclops diarrhea. You have to excuse me. I drank a little too much cyclops diarrhea last night. I’m just kidding. No, let’s go with… I would say the most drank alcoholic beverage on the bus is Jack Daniels and Coca-Cola.

The Dirty Heads w/Matisyahu, HB Surround Sound, The Marquee Theatre, September 12, $35

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