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Suckers Get Playful on 'Candy Salad'

Published: Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Updated: Tuesday, May 15, 2012 19:05

Suckers Candy Salad

Courtesy of Suckers


Candy Salad

(Frenchkiss Records)

Grade: B

There aren’t enough single word band names. Suckers is a fabulous band name, and they’ve got the musical chops to back it up. Their sophomore album Candy Salad is a nice sit-down-and-occasionally-dance party album.

The band is stationed in Brooklyn but hails from New Haven. Connecticut indie rock doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar, but Suckers make me think that maybe it should be.

The trio relies heavily on electric sounds but it shouldn’t be counted against them. It seems what they envisioned for Candy Salad was too playful for just a couple guitars, a bass and drums. “George” is an especially light and breezy track with plenty of happy synth-pop grooves. Their lyrics are cheeky as well. In the song “Chinese Braille,” singer Austin Fisher calls someone out for constantly using him as an emotional crutch: “It's not necessary to curse the cross I carry when you bury me in a blanket of your tears.../You're busy disguising all the guts you spill with a bucket of your years…/ It's not Chinese braille but you still can't understand.”

The song has cheerful whistling in the background of the accusatory track, proving that they don’t want to bum anyone out. They really want everyone to have a good time. And that’s what Candy Salad is – a good time.


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