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Six Songs to Download This Week

Published: Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Updated: Wednesday, December 7, 2011 17:12

Ree Boado

Matt Boyd Photography

This week, we feature a bunch of songs off relatively new albums. And suggest some bonus offerings. Consider it our holiday musical treat.


"Only the Birds"

Leah Siegel is, quite simply, a vocal artist. Her debut album And so they ran faster… is morose with only the occasional glimpse of sunny pop, but it doesn't lack for variety in its cohesion. In a damp, sultry voice, Siegel delivers darkly gothic lyrics such as, "Only the birds know what you've done/they feed your secrets to their young." Musically, Firehorse is a hybrid of Danny Elfman and jazz. Bonus: "Puppet" and "She is a River"




There's no denying Ree Boado's expressive vocals. She does angry girl with all the class of Heart and Gwen Stefani. The violins are gorgeous and the narrative matches the music well. "Disappear" is a solid song off the band's recently released EP Oh, For Freedom. Bonus: "Holy Rolling Stone"


David Lynch, featuring Karen O

"I Know"

The relationship between music and film is inarguably co-dependent, particularly for a filmmaker like David Lynch who has spent his life crafting strange, suspenseful and horrific films. The nasally waver of his voice, the ambient tumbleweeds of twang and the creepy narratives in songs like "Speed Roadster" are cinematic and worth experiencing at least once. However, we dig the strung out "I Know" best for its neo-blues swagger. Bonus: "Pinky's Dream" featuring Karen O


Atlas Sound


The idea of guiding lights are a little cliche, sure. But we'll make an exception for this track. Listening to this song, which is the last track on Parallax, is a little like reading the last page of a novel and skipping ahead to the happy ending of an otherwise mournful album about the ever after. A harmonica and jangley guitar lift around the echoing vocals, which give the track a shimmery pop. Bonus: "Mona Lisa" and "Terra Incognita"


Jonathan Coulton

"Down Today"

The great bearded nerd returns with his eighth studio album and this sweet little ukelele track. Bonus: "The Stache"


Animals As Leaders

"An Infinite Regression"

Progressive melodic metal can get boring, but even as casual consumers of metal, we weren't nodding off during most of the tracks on the band's second album. "An Infinite Regression" isn't overly stimulating or exhausting to listen to and blends electronic and heavy metal in a very musical way — which, honestly, can't always be said. Bonus: "Somnarium"

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