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Rough Tough Dynamite's 'End of the World' is a rockin' good time

Published: Thursday, May 24, 2012

Updated: Thursday, May 24, 2012 16:05

Rough Tough Dynamite

Rough Tough Dynamite

Rough Tough Dynamite

End of the World
Grade: B


It’s easy to forget how varied the local music scene is. It’s also easy to underestimate new bands. This is why it’s so exciting to see new local bands shake things up with a great attitude.

Just by listening to Rough Tough Dynamite you get the sense they are fun dudes. Their music is hilarious and carefree, which is something that seems to be lost in much of today’s music.

Their EP End of the World is a freaking blast. I dare you to try and find something pretentious or cynical in this band. Rough Tough Dynamite’s silly power-pop falls somewhere between Reggie and the Full Effect and Wavves.

“Speaking Tongues” starts the EP on a ridiculously high note. Quirky lyrics and rumbling drums create a perfectly catchy tune. “Drive-Thru Damsel” makes you wish you were at a rocking house party. It’s a fun, upbeat song that craves audience participation with a side of fries. “Waves” is a bit of a surf-rock tune with plenty of synth goodness. It’s always refreshing to see synthesizers have well-balanced solos. You simply don’t get enough of those these days. 

The five tracks on End of the World whip by so quickly you’ll have it on repeat. End of the World is available for free online. And, make sure to catch them live when you can.

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