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Rocky Votolato's Shines Bright in 'Television of Saints'

Published: Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Updated: Friday, March 30, 2012 12:03

Rocky Votolato

Courtesy Rocky Votolato

Rocky Votolato

Television of Saints
(Undertow Music Collective)

Grade: B

From the outside looking in, Rocky Votolato looks like he has a pretty sweet life. He has a loving wife, beautiful kids and an adorable Boston terrier that looks like he attracts mischief.

His latest album, Television of Saints proves my theory even further. Votolato is a happy dude. It feels as if he’s not only writing for his fans but thoughtfully leaving a legacy for his children to remember him by.

His songs seem moral and virtuous, but his voice is so welcoming and sincere that it never comes off as anything but comforting.

Votolato is a solid songwriter and musician, so it’s no surprise that the songs on this album are excellent. He never seems to disappoint but also doesn’t seem to have changed much in the past couple of years. He knows his boundaries and works exceedingly well within them.

The song “Fool’s Gold” stands out from the album as a soft and gentle track that oozes wisdom. Like a concerned father, Votolato warns, “What you do with you time, it screams so loud/I can't hear a single word come out of your mouth.”

Votolato took to in order to fund his latest project, and fans donated enough to make it happen. These are the fans that will be pleased with the album. It is exactly what they know and love about Votolato, but for a casual fan, this album might not be one that gets much playback.

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